Why Americans are building plywood housing: 4 reasons

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In Hollywood action movies, you can often see a scene where the hero punches a hole in the wall with his foot or hand, or can completely demolish it with his body. Of course, we perceive such scenes as staged, but in them, it turns out, there is more truth than fiction, because Americans really live in plywood houses.

If we are accustomed to brick walls and buildings that will last for decades, then in the United States people treat their home differently. They have a flimsy cardboard construction supported by a wooden frame, and all of this is sheathed with soundproofing material. Rich people can afford brick cladding. We decided to figure out why Americans prefer houses that are so fragile, which even barely protect them from bad weather. And this is where we come to.


There is an opinion that such houses are being built in order to protect residents from destructive hurricanes. They say that a brick house will still be destroyed in case of a disaster, but for people there is a threat to perish under its rubble. Of course, nothing will remain of the plywood house, but the chances of surviving such disasters for people are significantly increased

This opinion is widespread in post-Soviet states, and few know that it is wrong. The thing is that houses made of plywood in America are being built in every region of the country, even in Alaska, although they are specially insulated there. Naturally, the weather conditions are different in each region, so it is unlikely that such houses were built in case a tornado begins.


Americans are not attached to their homes and rarely stay where their parents lived. The inhabitants of this country are accustomed to frequently changing their place of residence, and they prefer to move out from their parents when they become adults. Therefore, they do not see the point in building houses for centuries

Despite this, the Dutch managed to create a house out of cardboardthat will stand for 100 years, however, they produce such dwellings in limited quantities


Even a plywood house will cost an American about a million dollars. When buying real estate, this factor plays a significant role. This amount includes the cost of land and building materials, so it is difficult to imagine how much a brick house would have cost the

No Need To Repair

Surprisingly, Americans are not accustomed to wasting time on renovations, and the phrase “overhaul” is puzzling to some. And it is not surprising that they do not know what it is, because if their house wears out, then they simply demolish it and build a new one in this place.


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