Which iPhone to choose in 2021? Top 3 best iPhone smartphones to buy in January-February

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Dear readers, I welcome everyone to my channel! Today we’ll talk about the best Apple smartphones available for purchase on the India market. Phones of the American manufacturer show excellent results in sales all year round, but the demand for some devices is clearly much more significant and they stand out from the total number.Right now, let’s talk about such smartphones.

I hope, after reading my article to the end, you will consider my opinion subjective, but if you have a different point of view, write a comment, with which you disagree, which phone should be added and which one should be removed from the selection. I think it’s time to start!

I will briefly describe each model, and detailed characteristics can be found in the Indian market service.

iPhone 11

A phone from the year before last is, in my opinion, a great option to buy.The smartphone became the best-selling smartphone of the company in 2020, and even this one, it still competes with the 12th series. First of all, the gadget stands out with the best price / quality ratio.

The device is usually offered for about 50 thousand rubles and combines quite serious flagship stuffing: high-quality IPS-screen;expensive body materials with IP68 moisture protection certification;productive chipset Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm +); a camera that takes great pictures; medium battery, supporting wireless charging, NFC and other functions. Why overpay for an iPhone 12 if the market has an iPhone 11.

iPhone 12

But if you need a more modern and new model, then obviously you need to stop at choosing a basic phone of the new line. This is clearly the best device of the 12th series. The rest of the Mini, Pro and Pro Max have less demand from buyers in the market.But why is the 12th iPhone so good

aluminum frame is flattened like the iPhone 5s, and the glass panels on the front and back are more robust.Secondly, improved parameters for the modern market: the most powerful Apple A14 Bionic processor (5 nm); modified main camera sensor for photo and video capabilities;beautiful and at the same time strict color options. The smartphone lost a little in battery capacity, but thirdly, it received a bright and rich Super Retina XDR OLED screen with a resolution of 1170 x 2532 pixels, HDR10, a maximum brightness of 1200 nits. To overpay 25-30 thousand rubles for the iPhone 12 in relation to the iPhone 11 is up to you.

iPhone XR

Not everyone can afford two such expensive gadgets. If you need a budget and still relevant smartphone from Apple, choose the iPhone XR.The days of all the other available phones from the American manufacturer have come to an end, and the iPhone SE is a silly idea from Cupertino, launching a “modified iPhone 8” in 2020.

The XR is equipped with a number of basic parameters as in the 11th model. Same screen, dimensions, body material and main camera sensor. There is only an additional sensor for the camera and support for Wi-Fi 6, the selfie camera and the battery are slightly trimmed, and the Apple A12 Bionic chipset is an early generation one. I myself used this smartphone, and it suited me with everything I needed – just a computer on Windows, and an Andoid smartphone is more convenient for it.

For me personally, the iPhone 11 is the best option for fans of Apple technology. What is the best smartphone in your opinion at the moment? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments! And don’t forget to like it! Thank you for your attention!

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