When will the Karakin map be released in PUBG Mobile?

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The Karakin map appeared in PUBG Mobile for the first time in the 1.3 beta test. We played on this small island and did a little map overview, which can be found here. Let me just note here that we really liked this card and its features.

But as everyone expected, with the update of the global version of PUBG Mobile to version 1.3, we did not see the Karakin map. Although achievements for her appeared in the general list, which indicates her likely appearance back this season. And information leaks confirm this.

When will the Karakin map be released in PUBG Mobile?

Some sources report that Karakin in PUBG Mobile will be released on April 7th. And a new card will come to temporarily replace the Vikendi winter card. Probably, at this time, beta testing of version 1.4 will begin, where an updated Vikendi 2.0 map with a train, as in the PC version, will already appear.

There is also information that the appearance of the Karakin map in PUBG Mobile will force developers to use map rotation. How exactly is not yet clear. Perhaps we are waiting for a scheme like an arcade mode, where a certain type of matches is available only on certain days.

But I repeat once again that at the moment information about when will Karakin appear in PUBGM unofficial. We will definitely inform you if there is any news on this topic already from official sources.

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