Unmaze – ARTE Visual Novel Coming This Summer on iOS and Android

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ART announced a new interactive visual novel called Unmaze… Development was carried out in partnership with Upian and Winter Prod… The game will be released in summer 2021 and will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

The story is based on Greek mythology and the myths of the Minotaur. When two little boys, Asterion and Theseus, get lost in the labyrinth and cannot find a way to escape, the mystic enters into action. The goal of the game is to take these lost boys out of the maze.

Ariadne is the main character that players will control and help lead home. But the most interesting thing is that the story of the game changes with every action. Ariadne can control only one boy, and the other at this time must wait for his turn.

When you move one of the boys, the other moves in some other direction, which makes the passage more difficult for you. Before you start, you have to choose a mode. If you follow the darkness, then you will play the story of Asterion, and if the light, then this is Theseus.

Remember not to randomly switch characters, as the story results will change with each switch. The game has minimalistic and simple graphics. The story is told in text form.

Unmaze designed for players who are willing to unravel long-lasting and evolving mysteries. The game is perfect if you are looking for puzzles and riddles.

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