Top 50 Free SEO For You Website in 2021 Free For All

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Top Free 50 SEO Tool 2021 

Theae tools are free for all 

In this post I am showing   about some free tools that was working free of cost in 2021


2. Analysis of internal optimization 

3. Selection and analysis of keywords 
4. Monitoring of positions in search results 
5. Search and analysis of external links 
6. Working with maps 
7. Optimization on mobile devices 
8. Research 
9. Speed ​​of loading pages 
10. Text analysis 
11. Multi-tools


The best free tools for traffic analysis, SERP and keyword monitoring.

1 Google Analytics Annotations

The extension will help you understand if the traffic drawdown (or growth) is related to the Google algorithm update. 
Analog – Zeo Tools

2. Google Data Studio

If you need to combine data from different sources (for example, Search Console and Google Analytics), visualize and share it, Google Data Studio can help you.

3. Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is working on solving the problem of missing keyword data using math and machine learning. The system isn’t perfect, but it will help you correlate keywords with conversions and other metrics. The price is free for up to 2000 sessions / month.

4. Google Analytics

As free, Google Analytics is surprisingly reliable and works well with other Google products including Optimize, Search Console, and Data Studio.

5. Yandex Metric

A web analytics tool that helps you get visual reports, videos of visitor actions, track traffic sources, and measure the effectiveness of online and offline ads.

6. Google Search Console

Probably the most useful free SEO tool on this entire list, it’s hard to imagine modern SEO without accessing data inside Google Search Console. Get insight into how Google crawls and ranks your site.

7. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster offers a full suite of websites and search analytics.Keyword reports, keyword research, and data scans are especially useful.

8. Yandex Webmaster

With the help of the Webmaster, you can monitor the statistics of requests for which the site is shown in the search. Monitor changes in impressions, clicks, CTR snippets and other indicators. In the section “Checking mobile pages” you can find out if the site is displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets, if there are any elements on it that create problems for mobile browsers. The webmaster checks the site for two dozen common technical errors.

Internal optimization analysis

Special tools to enable crawling and optimization of your site.

9. Screaming Frog

Popular scanner for desktops. There is a free version that allows you to crawl up to 500 URLs. Although the free version is not as functional as the paid version, it is perfect for small projects and small site audits.

10. SEOlyzer

SEOlyzer is a log analysis tool with some cool features like real-time analysis and page categorization.


The service detects non-existent and empty pages, errors in content, errors in titles and meta tags, broken pictures, broken links and redirects, calculates PageRank.

12. Xenu

A scanner for basic site auditing, finding broken links, etc.

13. Beam Us Up

Free scanner for PC. While it doesn’t have as many features as Screaming Frog, it offers 100% free scanning with no limits. Windows only.

14. Link Redirect Trace

Free Chrome extension, suitable as a “universal redirect analyzer”.The extension exposes information about HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, robots.txt, and basic link metrics from LinkResearchTools.

15. Redirect Path

Similar to Link Redirect Trace, Redirect Path is a great tool that shows redirects and header information for every URL you visit.

Selection and analysis of keywords

16. Yandex word selection (Wordstat)

Wordstat (wordstat) is a service that helps you get information about queries from Yandex users. For example, it allows you to find out how many people per month search for a particular phrase, and see queries that are similar in meaning to your phrase.

17. Answer The Public

The service will help you create a huge list of questions for any set of keywords.

18. Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner was created for people buying ads on Google Ads, but it still provides a ton of information useful for SEO keyword planning. It uses Google proprietary data and has useful features like filtering by country.

19. Keyword Shitter

Keyword parsing service.

20. Ubersuggest

Key requests statistics for the year. Competition assessment for each keyword. The service also offers keyword ideas.

Monitoring of positions in search results

21. Pixel tools

With Pixel Tools, you can check positions in Google and Yandex for free. The service has a large set of tools (external / internal / technical optimization, etc.).

Search and analysis of external links

22. Link Explorer

Link Explorer is arguably the largest and most accurate link index in the SEO world, boasting 35 trillion links. Free access gives you 10 queries and 50 rows of data per query every month.

23. Link Miner

Free extension for Chrome. Used to quickly find broken links on every page, and to view basic link metrics when searching on Google.

24. PR-CY

The service provides information about the number of external and internal links on the page, as well as the url of links and their text environment. The service allows you to analyze links both on the main page and on any internal page of the site.

Working with maps

Free optimization tools on Google Maps and Yandex.

25. Yandex Directory

Simple and free tool.

You just fill out the form (having previously authorized), the name of your company, working hours, exact address. And your organization will be shown to everyone who searches in Yandex search and in all search services associated with the Directory. For example, Yandex Maps and Navigator.

26. Google My Business

Using the service, you can easily create a company profile and update it if necessary. People will see it when they search for your business or similar organizations in Google Search or Google Maps.

27. Google Review Link Generator

Whitespark’s Google Review Link Generator solves a simple problem: how do you give your customers a URL to give Google reviews of your business? Reviews boost rankings, but Google has a problem with that. Google Review will help fix this problem.

Optimization on mobile devices

Tools to optimize your website in the mobile world.

28. Mobile-Friendly Test

The service determines whether your page meets the requirements of Google for mobile devices. If your page passes the test, Google considers it mobile-friendly, which is a (albeit small) ranking factor. If your page is not mobile-friendly, the service will provide specific recommendations for improvement.

29. Mobile SERP Test

It’s amazing how mobile search results can vary by location and device. The tool allows you to compare results for any location, down to specific addresses.

30. Mobile First Index Checker

The mobile version of a website often differs significantly from the desktop one. Since Google has switched to mobile indexing, it is important that the basic elements (links, structured data, etc.) are the same in both versions. The service will help you with this task.


Excellent free tools for competitive and technology analysis.

31. SimilarWeb

Competitor analysis service. There is a free trial period. 
I described how to work with the service in this article .

32. SpyWords

A service that allows you to receive information about competitors’ advertising campaigns. Works in geo: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Astana. What you can learn about a competitor: keywords, ad texts, positions, get an estimate of traffic and budget.


The service allows you to find out what key queries your competitor is ranking for. Or enter the query you are interested in and find out which sites rank and advertise for it, what similar search queries you can use to promote your site, CPC and CTR forecast for these queries.

34. Netpeak Checker

A tool for massive analysis of many SEO parameters: meta tags and headings, whether page indexing is allowed, the number of external and internal links on the page, and so on. Collects data on the specified URL from many other services – Serpstat, Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, etc.

35. View Rendered Source

View Rendered Source is a free Chrome plugin great for JavaScript auditing and troubleshooting.

36. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a cool SEO research tool. Its Chrome extension is one of the few tools available that provides reliable estimates of the amount of social media for any piece of content. You don’t get a ton of data with a free account, but you still get access to popular content and relevant data.

37. Hunter

Hunter is a popular email search tool. Use it to find an email address associated with any company or individual. Allowed to make 50 free requests per month.

38. Wappalyzer

There are many tools out there to help you analyze what technologies a website is running on, but Wappalyzer is an SEO favorite. It’s 100% free.

39. Wayback Machine

The tool is ideal for revealing historical data. You can even find many historical robots.txt files in the archive.

Page loading speed

40. Page Speed ​​Insights

Google tool will evaluate page loading speed and give recommendations on how to make pages load faster.


The service uses Lighthouse data to measure performance, then tracks it over time and stores the results – all for free. You can even add competitor tracking and on-demand auditing.

42. WebpageTest

Another tool similar to GTMetrix. It breaks down performance into easy-to-understand estimates along with the most detailed reports.


Free service for checking the website loading speed (in Russian)

Analysis of texts


Online service for checking text for uniqueness (free).

45 . Glavred

The service helps to clear the text from verbal garbage, checks for compliance with the information style.

46. Turgenev

An analogue of Glavred from Ashmanov & Partners, but sharpened for SEO purposes. Assesses the risk of being hit by Baden-Baden and shows what needs to be corrected.


Free SEO tools that have a lot of functions I put in a separate category.

47. SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a Chrome extension. Some of the functions it performs include content analysis, checking for broken links.

48. SEOquake

The service provides a large amount of data for every URL you visit, you can also perform basic auditing on the page, compare domains, and export your data.

49. SEMrush

SEMrush offers a complete suite of versatile SEO tools. Free access is available if you only have one website or just need a quick view of top-level data. The free account tier gives you access to one project, which includes a basic site audit as well as limited keyword and domain reporting.

50. Chrome DevTools

There are a myriad of SEO tasks that you can do for free using the Chrome DevTools. From JavaScript auditing to page load speed

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