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There is a lot to do on Discord, a chat server for communities. It is free to use and manage, supports VOIP, and thanks to the ability to install bots, it can be easily configured. Here are five of the best Discord bots.

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There is a reason why MEE6 currently one of the best Discord bots. It has extensive features and support. You can also upgrade to a premium subscription package for even more features.

Many Disord bots are dedicated to server moderation, and MEE6 will not cause disappointment. You can set up automatic rules to protect against problems such as spam on the server. MEE6 administrators can also set up a strike system to automate penalties if users regularly break the rules.

The bot is customizable, so you can create your own commands for users, as well as personalized welcome messages. If you want users to be able to set their own roles, you can customize commands to do so.

There is also a leveling system for users. Regular users can “rise” to a higher level depending on the activity of their work. You can set rewards like extra room access or new roles.

If you already know how to add Discord Bots to your server, you should have no problem using MEE6. Just invite the bot to your server to get started.

If you want the bot to really customize, then RED should be on your radar. Please note that you will need your own server to host it.

RED’s modular approach means no two servers running RED are alike, but there are some key features. Like MEE6, moderation is a central function, with strike or ban commands and message filtering.

It also features bots and games, music playback, gift search, autoserver messages, and more. As with MEE6, you can also customize bot commands, customize your bot’s name and avatar to suit your server’s individual style.

If you don’t find the feature you want, you can extend RED with plugins that are coded in python. You can search for community-created plugins on the RED site.

Another noteworthy bot is Dynowhich is used by over 1.6 million servers. One of its main advantages is its large web dashboard, which gives you full control over the configuration process.

You don’t need to be the owner of the hosting as everything is hosted on a Dyno server that is managed via web instrumentation. Moderation tools are extensive, with customizable automatic triggers.

Dyno facilitates role creation by allowing server administrators to create new titles (associated with server roles). You can also customize the server channels with “cleanup” commands that delete messages in bulk based on user, server, or age.

But it’s not just about moderation. You can set up a DJ bot with customized playlists, play slot games, search for random facts, and even search for random photos.

Fun is the buzzword that is best associated with a bot. Tatsumaki… It is bright, with many cool features that your server users can take advantage of to increase user engagement.

It is a bot that covers all the basic functions to improve moderation and use the server more efficiently, as well as to provide users with fun and convenient team games.

Tatsumaki’s moderation features require no configuration. They are ready to use, with commands to manage users (ban, mute, etc.), trim messages, customize greeting messages, and more.

You can also search YouTube, search for facts about cats, play a variety of games, and conduct polls across the server. There is an extensive XP level system available to users based on their activity.

More than 300,000 servers use Pancake on discords, and for a good reason. Ease of use, good balance between entertainment commands for users and advanced moderation for admins. No separate hosting required.

A customizable moderation system allows you to manage everything from voice chat to blocking users with a permission system to customize moderator commands with different powers.

There is an easy-to-use music playback system with support for multiple sources including SoundCloud and YouTube. Social features like games, image search, and joke commands will also help make your server a little more colorful.

With hundreds of commands available, Pancake Disord has something for everyone.

Customize your Discord experience

Discord is a great platform with minimal entry costs for small and large communities. These bots help improve the performance of your server by adding features such as music, games, and additional moderation for further development.

Do you have your own Discord server? Try these bots and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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