Top 5 Best Alternative Of WhatsApp

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In this article I suggest some famous alternative messenging

1. The Signal

The Signal courier is free, uses sturdy encryption and works on all mobile platforms. Like most alternative instant messengers, Signal is extremely straightforward to use .You can additionally create voice and video calls, thus you will not miss WhatsApp.

Signal additionally includes a desktop app, thus you’ll be able to use it on your pc , not simply your smartphone.

Each message is encrypted, solely the recipient and sender will scan it.Messages can not be hacked by hackers.Signal uses open supply secret writing , thus specialists will continually check it themselves and realize bugs. This makes the appliance even a lot of reliable.

Users can erase their messages by setting a quantity once that they’re mechanically deleted. This guarantees your privacy notwithstanding some other person gains access to your smartphone.

Signal does not have animated emoji .But you’ll be able to import emoji from your device into the app.


End-to-end secret writing

Open supply secret writing

Available for all major platforms

“Disappearing” messages


No animated emoji

Rating: 4.8 / 5

1. Threema

Threema guarantees users absolute privacy. Your contact lists and cluster chat information square measure hold on completely on your device and not within the app. Messages square measure deleted in real time once reading. Plus, you’ll be able to chat with individuals mistreatment your 8-digit Threema ID while not mistreatment your telephone number, additional protective your information.You can check contacts mistreatment distinctive QR codes.

Threema uses end-to-end secret writing for every kind of messages, together with text, voice calls, files, and cluster chats. The app even encrypts your standing so nobody will track what you post. Messages will solely be scan by targeted recipients.

You can safely use the Threema applications programme extension. Like WhatsApp, the appliance has piece of writing functions, you’ll be able to specify the situation and send files.Unlike WhatsApp, users will produce polls and like individual messages. you’ll be able to even hide bound chats and secret defend access to them.

The Threema service is registered in Schweiz, that is legendary for its laws to shield user privacy.


No ought to use a telephone number

Contacts are often verified mistreatment QR codes

Text piece of writing functions

Can defend chats with a secret


Paid application

Rating: 4.6 / 5

3. Telegram

Telegram has over two hundred million active users, creating it a preferred WhatsApp different. The cloud application works on all platforms. like WhatsApp, it uses a two-tick system to point out that the message has been scan by the recipient.

The app uses end-to-end encryption by default for voice calls to forestall anyone from eavesdropping on your conversations. At a similar time, the secret writing of messages should be turned on manually so they are doing not accumulate.

As within the Signal app, wire will mechanically delete messages once an explicit time. you’ll be able to additionally share transmission files here.


Open supply software package

Simple and convenient platform

Cloud storage thus you do not lose vital information


Encryption isn’t done by default, you wish to alter it manually

Developers have created their own secret writing standards, that are criticized over once
4. Wire

The Wire app is protected by European user information storage laws, thus it’s a secure courier that uses end-to-end secret writing. There square measure free individual accounts and paid business plans with extra options and support. Wire prides itself on providing seamless video and audio communication for users.

Wire supports one: 1 screen sharing and cluster chats. It additionally supports multimedia distribution and audio file filtering . you’ll be able to log into your account from eight synced devices, and also the app is compatible with all major platforms.

You can create text daring and italicized, and make chat lists. you’ll be able to alsooptimize file sizes to form sharing easier , and set timers to delete messages for adscititious protection.


Protected chats

Self-deleting messages

Ability to use eight devices at the same time

Graphically made dialogues


Paid application

Rating: 4.4 / 5

4. Riot

The application supports web telephone and video calls, and encrypts messages through the end-to-end technique. every user receives a novel identification range; this number is employed rather than a sign to shield the namelessness of users.

Riot is open supply . There square measure bots here, however any developer will produce their own. this enables users to move with the appliance, creating it a lot of versatile and secure. because of open supply, Riot is a lot of suited to development groups than enterprise purchasers.

Various chats perform on the idea of the Riot application, and users will enter any public chats . There are personal chats, which might be accessed via the invite link.

On prime of that, the desktop application includes a straightforward and easy interface, and also the application itself is out there in seven languages. you’ll even be ready to move with alternative applications.


User ID rather than telephone number

Open supply software package

Simple and convenient desktop consumer

The app is out there in seven languages


Encryption isn’t enabled by default, you wish to alter it manually

Rating: 4.2 / 5

If you wish to form certain your personal messages stay personal, ditch WhatsApp and appearance for safer alternatives. The applications instructed in our review square measure celebrated for his or her securit y.

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