The beta test of Apex Legends Mobile on Android has started

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As well as previously reported, beta-best has started today Apex Legends Mobile on Android… It is available for a limited number of people in India and the Philippines. This is done primarily to check the servers. In the future, the number of test participants will increase and new regions will be added. Also later, the beta test will be available on iOS.

Below you can watch the gameplay of Apex Legends Mobile on Android and evaluate the graphics yourself.

As you can see at the very beginning of the video, at this stage, 8 heroes are available to players. Each of them has its own characteristics. And if we talk about the features of mobile Apex Legends in general, then the players from the PC will be struck by the third-person view, since it is not available there. Here you can also switch between first and third person views.

A global release date for Apex Legends Mobile has yet to be announced. But according to early reports, we can say that the release is worth waiting for in 2022. Also next year Electronic Arts plan to release another shooter – Battlefield Mobile.

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