The best landing spots on Erangel in PUBG Mobile

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We’ll show you the best places to start a match on Erangel in PUBG Mobile. This is a large location measuring 8 by 8 square kilometers.

Erangel is the very first map in PUBG Mobile. With it, beginners most often begin their game path. The map is full of various points where you can land at the beginning of the match. While in the air, you can track where you are landing. To do this, focus on the designations of the houses on the map. Choose points where you can quickly find all the necessary equipment.

However, do not forget that some places can be dangerous. Therefore, avoid hot spots if you do not want to take risks. But if you are ready to fight back the enemy, then hot spots are the best combat experience.

Now let’s go directly to the topic of the article. Below, we’ve rounded up the top 10 landing spots on Erangel in PUBG Mobile.

Top 10 Disembarking Locations on Erangel


Georgopol is the largest city in Erangel. It is easy to find a variety of equipment here. You can always collect inventory based solely on your play style.

The city consists of a complex of high-rise buildings and two-storey houses. Be prepared to meet the enemy by accident. Getting good gear isn’t just about you.

Chance to meet the enemy: middle


If you’re looking for a safe place, check out Stalber. There may be little good equipment here. But this is a fairly calm area for disembarkation. The chance to meet enemies here is quite low.

PUBG Mobile Stalber

Collect the minimum set of equipment and wait for your partners. Together, you can safely move to another point and continue to collect equipment.

Chance to meet the enemy: low


Lipovka is a small village near Mylta Power. This is a fairly calm place where you can find the necessary weapons and equipment.

PUBG Mobile Lipovka

Land in the southern part of Lipovka, where army-quality loot appears more often.

Chance to meet the enemy: low


PUBG Mobile Mylta

If you are not afraid to jump into battle, but often prefer to play safe, Mylta is for you. There is enough equipment for the whole team. In addition, you can ambush the bridge that is nearby. This way you can easily eliminate several enemies.

Chance to meet the enemy: middle


School is one of the best hotspots in PUBG Mobile. It’s easy to find all the loot you need here. For example, main and auxiliary weapons, body kits, protection and grenades.

PUBG Mobile School

To land in such a place, you need a lot of experience in close-range combat. You must react quickly and shoot accurately. Communication with the team is also an important factor.

It is difficult to play in such places without reliable partners. Even you have a high level of play, without help you will lose to a team with well-established communication.

Chance to meet the enemy: tall


PUBG Mobile Severny

Disembarking in the town of Severny will provide an opportunity to collect everything you need. Moreover, the equipment is enough for the needs of the whole team. Players can easily find level 3 defenses, vehicles, and sometimes a flare gun.

Chance to meet the enemy: middle

Yasnaya polyana

Yasnaya Polyana is a fairly large town in the northeast of Erangel. There are several high-rise complexes and many two-story houses.

PUBG Mobile Yasnaya Polyana

There is a river not far from the city that can be used to move to the center of the map.

Chance to meet the enemy: middle

Military Base

PUBG Mobile Military Base

Military Base is a military base on an island that is connected to the map by two bridges. This is a large open area full of weapons and good loot. The Military Base is easy to find medical supplies and good sniper rifles like the Kar98k and M24.

Chance to meet the enemy: tall


PUBG Mobile Novorepnoye

Novorepnoye is a military port with a warehouse. Therefore, it is easy to find everything you need to fight here. Get ready to quickly find weapons and join the battle.

Chance to meet the enemy: tall


PUBG Mobile Prison

Landing on Prison will give you the opportunity to collect a full-fledged inventory. Here you need to act quickly and coordinate with the team.

Chance to meet the enemy: tall

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