The 7 Best Free Super Mario Games That Fans Made

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It’s amazing how far a gamer will go to show their love for a certain the game… They will follow gaming news, create YouTube videos, and record entertaining game podcasts. However, there are gamers who are more dedicated to their hobby, and these are people who make games for fans.

A lot of franchises have passionate fans, but Super Mario fans are a special breed. They also seem to be particularly adept at programming.

Which means Super Mario has some great fanbase gamesthat can be played online.

1. Super Mario Bros. X

Super Mario Bros. X (called SMBX) is arguably the most popular game for Mario fans. It supports all the fundamental elements of the franchise: platform gameplay, addicting power-ups, and fun level design.

SMBX offers five playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Link. Play with a friend in co-op mode with a camera that seamlessly transitions to split screen mode or combat mode.

But the best part of SMBX is its state-of-the-art level editor, which even lets you change levels in real time as you play.

Download: Super Mario Bros. X (Windows)

2. Mari0

Mari0 (that’s zero) is an exact replica of the original Super Mario Bros. except for one major change – portals! Yes, the same gameplay with Portal and Portal 2. You manipulate enemies and move through the levels using orange and blue portals.

This fan game is a great example of how two completely different genres can come together and become more than just their separate parts. And as a bonus, it supports four-player co-op and has a built-in level editor.

Mari0 is 100% open source. Made using LÖVE framework for Lua based game development, you can see the source code here

Download: Mari0 (Windows, Mac, Linux)

3. Super Mario Bros. Dimensions

SupSuper Mario Bros. Dimensions is another fan game that takes the original Super Mario Bros. and expands it with new gameplay mechanics. In this case, by switching measurements.

By pressing one button, you can switch between the “real” and “alternative” world.

Download: Super Mario Bros. Dimensions (Windows)

super mario bros dimensions

4. New Super Mario Kart

The new Super Mario Kart offers a reboot of the original SNES Mario Kart. Three cup options are available with standard motor classes. There are also four tracks for combat on different types of terrain: sidewalk, beach, snow and mud.

As with any Mario Kart game, it’s all about the bonuses. You will see the favorites of the series like Mega Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Bomb, Red Shell, and Thunder. In addition, you can find funny Easter eggs such as Yoshi’s egg and Bowser’s ball.

Besid Besides these new tracks, you will be able to play until you unlock 12 secret characters.

Download: New super mario kart (Windows)

new super mario kart cup

5. Mariovania

Mariovania is a Mario-esque platformer mashup mixed with elements from the Castlevania series.

Interesting additions include an experience and equipment system, new abilities and bonuses, tons of classic and new enemies, many secrets to explore, and a surprisingly satisfying soundtrack.

The graphics leave a lot to be desired, but if you can ignore the fact that Mario runs like a puppet, then you will find that the game itself is quite addicting.

Download: Mariovania (Windows, Mac, Linux)

mariovania game

6. Toads vs. Koopas

And now for something else: a clone of the popular Plants vs. Zombies with a Mario theme. In this game, you place the Toad cannons on the field and fight off the Koopas’ encroachments. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

The only negative Toads vs. Koopas is that it only has one level.

Download: Toads vs. Koopas (Windows)

Toads versus koopas

7. Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem

This game takes you to the Mario Land amusement park, where you can play dozens of fun mini-games and earn all sorts of achievements and prizes.

Download: Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem (Windows)

mario land minigame mayhem

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