Survival shooter Lost Light will soft launch on April 28

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NetEase Games announced their survival shooter Lost Light will be released soft-launch on April 28, 2021 in Australia and New Zealand. Additional regions will be added in May. Players will become part of the Firefly mission and enter the locked area. Sneaking into dangerous places, looking for supplies, looting enemy equipment, building, managing your shelter and doing a bunch of other things will have to go to the zone.

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Lost Light’s gameplay doesn’t force players to engage in combat all the time. Moreover, you can complete the task without firing a single shot. You only need to pick up the loot and leave the area. But there is another strategy – to enter the battlefield armed to the teeth and try to collect supplies from other players as well. This may be more profitable, but keep in mind that if you die, you will be left without everything.


Firearms play a vital role in Lost Light. It is very detailed. Players can also modify it. Hundreds of combinations can be created using various body kits. So use your imagination and customize your weapons! In addition, the new Blueprint System feature can help you select the recommended modification with a single click.

Rating mode

Lost Light will also have a rating mode, the gameplay of which can be more intense and exciting. In it, the match will end when the only lucky person who managed to escape is determined. The winner can choose any supplies from the winner’s prize pool, which consists of supplies remaining on the battlefield and supplies of the losers.

Interaction with other players

On the battlefield, everyone is at risk, and everyone is for himself. But Lost Light offers a special way of interaction between players. Regardless of the fact that you are acting alone, the game allows you to team up with a stranger, and together break through the blocked area. If you get hurt, don’t worry, you can send an SOS signal so players around you can help. But you can never be 100% sure that your random partner does not have selfish goals, so always stay alert.

Build and trade

Use the resources found in the blocked zone to build your own shelter. And if you cannot find the necessary item, then you can look for it from other players and try to purchase it. You can also sell unnecessary items and make money on it.

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