Secret Neighbor will be released at the end of April on iOS

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Originally released for PC in 2019, Secret Neighbor will be available on mobile in April. tinyBuild announced that their multiplayer horror movie will be released on the App Store for iOS on April 29. On the same day, the release for the PlayStation 4 will take place, and Nintendo Switch users will have to wait until the summer.

History Secret Neighbor happens in the interval between the events of the first and second part of Hello Neighbor. In it, several children are trying to get to the Neighbor’s basement, since their friend is hidden there. But an additional difficulty is that one of the players is a traitor disguised as a child Neighbor, and tries in every possible way to prevent the others from achieving their goal. It turns out a kind of option Among Us in the Hello Neighbor setting.

The traitor’s goal is to win over other players and prevent them from reaching the basement. He is the master of the house, so he can use various objects to confuse, scare and make unexpected guests separate. You can use your devices to smooth out the numerical advantage of children. The player who plays as the Neighbor has access to smoke bombs, a secret control room, bear traps, and much more. But the most effective lie remains, because you can always try to accuse another player of the role of a traitor, that visit doubts in everyone.

In order to win the victory, children need to collect keys and rescue friends from the traitor’s traps. Each of them has their own characteristics and skills, which pushes for teamwork. But at the same time, you cannot trust anyone.

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