RuneScape for Android and iOS due out in June

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Released back in 2001 MMORPG RuneScape is still very popular with players around the world. Back in the summer of 2017, the studio Jagex announced that they would transfer the game to mobile. And in 2018 they released Old School RuneScape on the App Store and Google Play, which has been downloaded to millions of mobile devices over the years. In doing so, it offers all the capabilities of the computer version on a mobile device with very few technical compromises and cross-platform progress.

Now Jagex prepared RuneScape for Android and iOS and scheduled a June 17 release date… In honor of this, they also prepared a new trailer.

RuneScape for Mobile is now open for pre-order at Google Play and App Store, for which you can get exclusive rewards. To unblock them, you will need a sufficient number of completed registered registrations. Possible rewards are as follows:

RuneScape pre-registration awards on Android and iOS

I note that the progress in the game will be cross-platform, so you can easily play on any supported device using all the content.

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