Rivals is available on iOS and Android

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Command & Conquer: Rivals is available on iOS and Android

Good news for fans of old strategies. Command & Conquer: Rivals, presented at E3 2018, is finally out on iOS and Android

Command & Conquer: Rivals is a mobile real-time strategy game in which players lead their faction to victory in the war for Tiberius, alternating between the armies of the Global Security Council and the Brotherhood of Nod. Online battles only last a few minutes, and choosing the wrong Commander abilities will end the battle even faster The army includes infantry, tanks, aircraft and even high-tech monster robots.

In addition to PVP games, users will be able to take part in the Rivals Champions in-game event, which takes place only on weekends. By winning these battles, players will receive rating points that will increase the global and local rating. The better you show yourself during the event, the more valuable your rewards will be.

Command & Conquer: Rivals runs on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and iPod touch 5th generation or later, and smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 and later. The game is distributed free of charge, but contains in-app purchases.

Download for iPhone

Download for Android

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