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The already serious list of MMORPG for mobiles has been replenished with one more eminent representative – Blade & Soul: Revolutio‪n… The game can already be downloaded for free at Android and iOS.

Wind step

Of the features in Blade & Soul: Revolution, there are unique movement mechanics called Wind Walk. “Dash in the air” will allow you to soar in the sky, with “dash over water” you can quickly move through the water, and the skill “run” will allow you to run on the ground as quickly as possible. You can check out each of these skills in the video below.

Game modes

The presence of various game modes in Blade & Soul: Revolution will allow almost everyone to find a suitable option for themselves.

  • PvP arena – a battlefield for the best of the best. A split second can decide the outcome of the battle. Who will become a true martial artist?
  • Massive PvE battle – raid for 16 players. Cooperation, strategy and strength! All of this you need to work in a team. Embark on a raid in four groups of four!
  • RvR – war of factions. A general battle that everyone can join. War of factions on an open field. A Battlefield for All Players: Even a novice can play a role in a faction war. There is no need to wait any longer. It doesn’t matter who you are … Join the battle on the open field!

Hero Classes in Blade & Soul: Revolution

  • Kung fu master – their weapon is gloves. With their help, they can repel attacks and force opponents to surrender, depriving them of the opportunity to defend themselves.
  • Blade master – they have a large supply of skills for attack and defense. A versatile and well balanced class.
  • Elemental master – attack enemies from a distance using qi. Can damage multiple targets at the same time.
  • Summoning Master – they invoke the forces of plants and insects, fighting side by side with the assistant. Can resurrect fallen allies.
  • Ax Master – armed with a huge ax and protected by steel armor. There may be enough opponents who have lost their balance.

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