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Puzzles and Survival MOD APK 7.0.77 (Unlimited money)

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4.9 ( 720 ratings )
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Name Puzzles & Survival
Publisher 37GAMES
Genre Strategy
Size 250.41 MB
Version 7.0.77
Update July 31, 2022
MOD Unlimited money
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Puzzles & Survival is the most famous version in the Puzzles & Survival series of publisher 37GAMES
Mod Version 7.0.77
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Whats New

1. Fixed numerous bugs.

Most games fit into one of several categories. Puzzles and Survival has two different ways to play the game at the same time. It looks strange, but it makes the game more interesting. Players with experience in all of the genres used in the passage have an advantage.

Puzzles and survival


Puzzles Survival was made by 37Games. It is a mix of games that is interesting because it is different. The story takes place in a world after the end of the world, where many cruel zombies roam the streets. A group is looking for survivors and trying to save them by getting them to a safe place.

When moving, you have to protect yourself from groups of zombies that try to attack you. You have to solve a match-3 puzzle to win. Because of this, the player’s team gets new weapons and more ways to fight monsters. You can get the Puzzles Survival app from the Google Play app store.


You can play Puzzles Survival in Russian after reading a short guide to the game. Patience and careful planning are the keys to getting what you want. When you use two genres at the same time, you have to pay close attention to both of them. Each game mechanic has strategies that are very different from each other.

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Most of the time, puzzle fans and strategy fans play different games. In Puzzles Survival, the player will find out a lot of new things because of this. Once you know how to play Puzzles Survival, you need to put together a good plan.

All of the things that can be done can be put into three groups. It is important to make sure that its base grows and develops. To do this, you will need to build new facilities and improve the ones you already have. Heroes who fight monsters need to get more experience and get better at what they do. The game lets you do research, and if you do it well, you can get extra benefits.

The base is in a big part of the game world with other players, different characters, and resources. Traveling to and exploring different places are the most important parts of the strategy. The game activity is set up like a business, and you have to go through each level.

At each stage, the goals to be reached and the quests that will help get you there are explained. This will help you find your way around when things are hard and make the best use of your time and energy.

Puzzles and survival


The best way to build up the base is to spread the work among the buildings in the right way. We need to have as little downtime as possible.

Each building is built to do a certain thing:

  • The sawmill makes wood, which is the most important building material.
  • Food comes from farms.
  • The virology laboratory makes serum that can be used to raise the level.
  • The role of scientific research is very important. They can be put in the following groups:

Development” means making the basic functions of the base work better.

  • “Economy” makes it easier to gather and make resources in a more efficient way. During the first part of the game, this is very important.
  • The “Armed Forces” get better at fighting.
  • Strengthening research helps make the base safer.

The builder is in the business of making buildings. Buildings that are better will take more and more time. The development of the base will go faster if you choose the right order for getting improvements.

Heroes who fight in battles have skills that set them apart. Throughout the game, you will be able to add new heroes to your team. Each one is defined by the number of stars, which can’t be more than 5. Another puzzle that needs to be solved is putting together a group of people with the right mix of skills.

During the fight, you have to figure out how to do things. At the same time, you should remember that they not only hurt the enemy but also help heroes grow. So, in a battle, even actions that don’t hurt the enemy directly can be useful.


You have to pay a lot of money to get the Puzzles Survival mod. In it, the player is given easier ways to get through the game.

There are cheats for the Puzzles Survival game that will make it easier to get through. If you use them, you’ll be able to get the most out of the game and have fun.


Puzzles Survival is a complicated mix of different ways to play games. To win, you need to think about the strategy carefully and use your skills at solving logical problems.

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