PUBG: NEW STATE – Everything You Need to Know

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Everything you need to know about PUBG: NEW STATE. This is a new mobile game set in 2051.

2021 continues to delight PUBG fans around the world. And while the previous year was also good for the game, there is a lot more to come in 2021. On February 25, 2021, Krafton published a trailer for PUBG: New State. Apparently the game has been in development for a long time.

Also in a recent interview, Krafton CEO Changan Kim confirmed the release of a new PUBG game in 2021. He said the following about the release of the game:

At Krafton, our goal is to create masterpieces that provide a premium gaming experience. PUBG: New State, our next game, will expand the PUBG franchise, and with it we hope to fulfill all our dreams and plans.

The concept behind PUBG: New State will remain the same. This is a classic battle royale for 100 players. However, the game will take place in Troi in 2051.

A new map of 8 by 8 square kilometers is waiting for the players. As well as futuristic technology, weapons and vehicles. In addition, the game will boast modern realistic graphics and unique gameplay.

What is known about PUBG: New State?

PUBG: New State will receive new realistic graphics that use the maximum capabilities of mobile platforms.

  • The game will feature a new global lighting technology.
  • A huge open world with a realistic visual component awaits players.
  • New survival strategies and tools will be available to you. For example, combat drones.
  • The new transport will allow you to explore huge locations measuring 8 by 8 square kilometers.
  • You will be able to use different types of new weapons and have a more immersive battle royale experience.

PUBG: New State will be available to owners of smartphones with 2.5 GB of RAM and a system at the level of Android 6.0 or newer.

At the moment, pre-registration is available on the Google Play Store. Registration for the iOS platform will open a little later. PUBG: New State is expected to have its own esports infrastructure.

Pre-registration for PUBG: New State


Use the instructions below to pre-register for PUBG: New State.

  1. Open the game page on Google Play. It can be found by this link.
  2. Click on the “Register” button
  3. Confirm the registration by clicking on the green “Ok” button.
  4. Additionally, you can select the “Install when available” option.

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