PUBG Mobile talent championship – description and rules

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PUBG Mobile Talent Championship! In this PUBG MOBILE esports tournament, you will have intense battles alongside your teammates.

Let’s take a closer look at how the PUBG Mobile Talent Championship works and what its rules are.

  • The talent championship is divided into three stages: weekly matches, semi-finals and final round. Weekly matches are played from the first to the fourth week. The semi-finals begin in the third and fifth weeks. The final round takes place in the sixth week.
  • You can take part in weekly matches immediately. To participate in the semi-finals and finals, you will need to advance from the previous stage.
  • The minimum rank requirement to play weekly matches is Silver V. The minimum rank requirement to participate in the semi-finals is Gold V. The minimum rank requirement for the Finals is Platinum V.
  • Teams earn points for participating in weekly matches every week. The team score is the sum of the points for the top six games of the week. The top 50 teams will advance to the semifinals.
  • Teams that advance to the semifinals are randomly divided into five groups. Each of them participates in three matches in a row. The two best teams from each group advance to the final.
  • The teams that made it to the finals play four matches in a row. Their rating and rewards are based on the total points scored during those matches.
  • The top two teams from among the finalists will be eligible to qualify for the PMCO qualifying round (excluding the Korea-Japan region).
  • Scoring: Talent Championship points are awarded to teams, not individual players.

Scoring rules for individual Talent Championship matches:

  1. Total score of the match = points for destruction + rating points.
  2. Scoring for Destruction: One point is awarded for defeating one player.
  3. Calculation of rating points: first place – 15 points, second place – 12 points, third place – 10 points, fourth place – 8 points, fifth place – 6 points, sixth place – 4 points, seventh place – 2 points, 8-12- 1st place – 1 point.

Teams can participate in weekly matches repeatedly. At the same time, teams that have already received the right to advance will not be able to advance again or receive the corresponding reward again. The promotion queue will be filled by other teams based on their ranking.

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