PUBG Mobile Season 18 – All Ranked Rewards revealed

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We continue to look forward to season 18 PUBG Mobile… And not only because it will be dedicated to the third birthday of the game, but also in anticipation of a large-scale update. If you missed, you can read our 1.3 update review.

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More information related to the awards is also gradually emerging, namely, all became known PUBG Mobile Season 18 Rank Rewards.

For reaching the gold rank, players will receive such a fairly detailed costume.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Rank Rewards Gold

Grade Platinum will delight players with a mask combined with headphones. Stylish, fashionable, youthful – you can’t say otherwise.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Rank Rewards Platinum

For reaching the rank of Crown, they will give a pretty cute style on LG in pink and purple colors. Personally, I have almost no skins for this weapon, so Ranked rewards for season 18 certainly get LIKE for such a skin.

PUBG Mobile season 18 rank rewards crown

And the rank awards come to the end with a parachute for the title of AU. Nothing unusual. It seems to me that there were also better options.

PUBG Mobile AC season 18 rank rewards

And if you reach the Conqueror in Season 18, you will receive a standard frame with the number eighteen in the corner.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Ranked Rewards Conqueror

Overall, the rank rewards are pretty good. Probably, their bright color will fit the theme of the whole season associated with the celebration of the birthday. And how do you rate these skins, you can write in the comments.

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