PUBG Mobile 1.3 update – what’s new? Full list of changes and innovations

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On March 9, it will be possible to download the PUBG Mobile 1.3 update. We have collected all the details of this update in this article.

To improve the quality of the game, the PUBG MOBILE developers will be releasing updates starting March 9. The server will not go offline for this update. To install the update, you need 640 MB of free space on Android devices. On iOS devices, you need 1.55 GB. Users of the outdated version of the game will not be able to team up with other players, so it is recommended to install the update as soon as possible.

Upgrade Reward:

Update the game from March 9 to March 14 (UTC + 0) and get: 3000 BP, 100 AG and the Cute Kitten Pan (3 days).

New modes, new experiences

New Hundred Rhythms Mode (from March 9th)

Electronic music festival begins on Erangel. Be sure to get involved! Wearers of the themed armband will receive three special skills. Choose the skill you like best, improve it with the collected cassettes and surpass the rest on the battlefield. To play in this mode, select the card “Erangel”.

Game process

  1. On the island of Rebirth, a screen will appear with the ability to select a skill. Before starting the mast, players will need to choose one of three armbands: the defender armband, the scouting armband, or camouflage.
  2. After choosing a bandage, the player will receive three skills. The first is an active skill that gives the player a powerful ability. The other two are passive skills with bonuses. The player starts the match with one key skill and must collect cassettes to unlock the passive ones.
  3. During each match, three electronic music venues will appear on Erangel. One is always located on the island of Renaissance, the other two are in random places. Dance music will play on the venues. Find them soon!

Description of skills in Hundred Rhythms Mode:

  1. Defender’s Bandage:
    Musical Barrier: Activates a device that creates a translucent column-shaped barrier that reduces bullet damage.
    Music Conversion: Activates the interactive function of the Barrier Generator. Players can use this feature to disable the barrier and restore energy to allies in range.
    Pop Metal: Reduces the cooldown for the player and allies while they are inside the barrier.
  2. Scouting Bandage:
    “Ultrasonic Scanner”: The player throws a special device forward that scans and marks the positions of enemies.
    Encore: The player regains health when knocking out marked enemies.
    Power of Sound: When there are marked enemies, your projectiles are electrified and inflict continuous damage to enemies hit.
  3. Camouflage armband:
    “Stealth”: the player temporarily disguises himself in a camouflage cloak. He hides a weapon and a backpack behind his back.
    “Observation”: if there are enemies nearby, a hint will appear on the screen.
    Breath Regulation: Gradually restores the player’s health if the player has not taken damage for a while.

Clown Tricks Mode (from March 31st)

Clowns appeared on the anniversary celebration square and painted it with their graffiti. A shop on wheels has appeared on Erangel. Players can collect Clown Tokens and exchange them in this store for various goods, such as regular ammunition and special strategic items.

Strategic items

Clown tokens can be exchanged for information about the next play area, air cargo and the density of enemies on the map.

Music graffiti wall

On Renaissance Island on Erangel, in Classic Mode, a musical graffiti wall will appear next to the graffiti square. On this wall, players can paint using spray paint cans. Music will sound while spraying paint. Each square on the wall has its own note from the melody. The more squares are filled in, the more tunes will be played.

Metro Royale: Disclosure (Available March 9)

The chapter “Metro Royale: Disclosure” will be available after the update of the game. We’re staying true to our seasonal tradition: Your Honor, Ranking, and Inventory will be reset in Metro Royale after the start of a new chapter.

  1. New rewards will appear in this chapter. Collect Honor Points to earn AGs, permanent skins, and other cool prizes!
  2. Additional elite enemies will suddenly appear on the battlefields. Watch for alerts and map markers. Defeat opponents and get rewards!
  3. Removed the Tihar rifle and monsters from Metro Exodus. Enemies have become smarter. Adjusted the balance of the equipment.
  4. Other map improvements:

Power Armor mode will be available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (UTC +0).

New weapons and vehicles

Weapon: Mosin sniper rifle

The 7.62-mm Mosin rifle is equipped with a sliding bolt and is not inferior in power to the Kar98K. At the same time, her bullets fly faster, and the damage decreases less with distance. This rifle can knock out a target without armor with one shot from a long distance. The Mosin rifle will replace some Kar98Ks on the Erangel and Vikendi maps.

Transport: motor glider

  • Motor gliders can be found on the Erangel and Miramar maps. They will appear randomly.
  • A motor glider is a two-seater vehicle in which the front seat is for the pilot and the rear seat for the gunner.
  • To take off, the pilot must press the lift button when the glider has reached sufficient speed.
  • Fuel consumption directly depends on engine speed. The faster you fly, the higher it is. We advise you to always fill the tank before pressing the gas.

Improving performance and other elements of the game

  1. Basic performance improvements:
    Improved terrain rendering logic in combat for budget devices to reduce rendering losses.
  2. For budget devices, the selection of terrain blocking objects during combat has been improved to reduce the loss of rendering when the camera moves.
  3. Significantly improved overall UI update logic in combat to reduce UI update times.
  4. Reduced the delay after the player jumps out of the plane.
  5. Reduced rendering loss of shared resources such as sky and sea. The game now runs more smoothly.
  6. Addressed an issue that could cause the game to crash when MSAA and HDR are enabled at the same time on devices with iOS 14.3.
  7. Optimized the removal of rarely used local resources to free up space.
  8. Addressed issue where a partially loaded resource had to be fully loaded before deleting it.

Security improvements:

  • Improved the accuracy of converting cinematics, as well as the display of ballistics and vehicles, to make it easier for users to draw conclusions.
  • Several machine learning algorithms have been added to detect and filter suspicious behavior in the game.
  • Increased the size of the manual check group to ensure the safety of high ranked tournaments and matches.
  • DDoS protection of the game has been strengthened and the coverage of protective measures has been expanded to ensure a safe and stable operation of the game.

Basic Gameplay Improvements:

  1. Quick Sensitivity Adjustment: Players can now open UI options and quickly adjust sensitivity while on the training ground.
  2. Hide helmets in matches: We’ve added a feature to the lobby’s inventory display settings that allows players to hide helmets in matches. In this case, the helmets will be hidden only from you: other players will see them.
  3. Mk14 Sound Improvements: Updated the Mk14 audio assets to improve the firing sound.
  4. Camera tilt fixed: Fixed an issue where the camera would sometimes tilt when aiming at the Training Range or Fun Park.
  5. Rendering Improvements: Fixed a rendering bug that caused the ground in the distance to float in the air when aiming. Addressed a player-reported issue with items suddenly appearing or disappearing in some scenes.

Other improvements:

New Achievements

  1. New Rhythm Hero achievement: Play Hundred Rhythms on Erangel.
  2. New achievement “Mythic Fashion VI”: Collect 200 Mythical Costumes.

Message Manager function

Most of the system messages will be displayed in a dedicated manager. Players can use it to quickly scroll through the text of a message or navigate to the corresponding notification page.


  • Added transition to this function from personal space.
  • Players will be able to listen to songs and set background music for their personal space.
  • PUBG MOBILE owns the copyright for all listenable music.
  • Players can gift albums to friends who meet the necessary conditions for this. If a friend already has an album, then it will not be possible to donate it.

Personal space gift system improvements

There are certain restrictions on sending gifts to personal space to prevent this feature from being abused to boost popularity.

Dynamic graffiti

Updated new dynamic graffiti that has visuals or music starts playing when approached.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Content

  1. Season 18 Royale Pass: Hundred Beats (starting March 17)
    Enjoy a themed music screen and third anniversary awards. Players will be able to select Ranked Rewards twice as they progress through the Royale Pass. When the anniversary party kicks off, there will be special guests. In addition to the AUG livery, players will be able to get one of two advanced costumes at Rank 1 and Rank 50. At Rank 100, you will find the Fiddler Outfit and the mysterious Kar98K skin!
  2. The adventure starts with music. Added Adventure Coupons to Ranking Rewards. Players will be able to trade them twice for one of the two costumes on the event page. Go for adventure!
  3. An event with the RP Activity pack starts in the new season. Purchase this pack to quickly rank up your RP, and collect Mission Activity Points to reclaim your UC.
  4. Fixed bugs affecting missions and other materials.

New Fun Park Theme: Anniversary Music Festival

The plaza where players appear in Fun Park has been transformed into an electronic music venue with a DJ stand, jukebox and techno rig. As the anniversary celebrations kick off, new DJ tracks, old classics, PUBG MOBILE themed songs and BP electronic music will randomly play.

Cold weapon display function

  1. Players can now choose to display firearms and melee weapons at the same time in the lobby. The character will hold the currently selected weapon in his hands, and the other – behind his back.
  2. Firearms and melee weapons displayed in the lobby will be usable on Rebirth Island if the following conditions are met.
  3. All firearms and melee weapons received by players on Renaissance Island will disappear when boarding a plane.
  4. Weapons you can take with you from the lobby:
    Firearms with legendary livery, with the exception of rare upgradable weapons, which you can also take with you.
    Cold with coloring not lower than epic.

PUBG Mobile Talent Championship

With Update 1.3, PUBG Mobile is bringing a new TALENT CHAMPIONSHIP esports tournament. We have written in more detail about it and the rules of conduct in a separate article. Check it out if you plan to take part in the Talent Championship.

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