Power Armor mode added to PUBG Mobile

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A new mode is available in PUBG Mobile on February 5 Power armor… You can find it in the EVO-zone tab. Only the Livik map is available for the game.

Features of the Power Armor mode

As the name of the mode implies, its essence lies in the creation and use of abilities Power Armor… For this, new loot elements have been added to the game, such as blueprints, nanocrystals.

On the map you can see the highlighted in circles hot Spots… In their center are loot boxes for crafting Power Armor and a flare pistol to summon drops.

Another feature – revival… Players who have lost the battle with the enemy have the opportunity to return to the map and try to take revenge. But unlike the Payload mode, here players are reborn with the same set of items with which they died.

Loot boxes can be found at the bases. There are 3 types of them: with medicines, with armor and with ammunition. They can be collected into inventory and, if necessary, used and obtained the necessary items. A great option to take additional armor with you, which cannot be done in other modes.

And added Motion Sensor will allow you to get information about nearby enemies. He accidentally appears at one of the Matrix bases.

How to collect Power Armor in PUBG Mobile

Parts of Power Armor can be found in drops. But it is much easier to find the necessary items and the Matrix base. Total armor is divided into 3 parts:

  • place your order
  • kirasa
  • leggings

To create each of these parts, you need a blueprint and 1200 nanocrystals. Finding all of these items is easy enough, as they are scattered in abundance in all areas of the loot spawn.

Power Armor Features

As mentioned above, power armor in PUBG Mobile consists of 3 parts, each of which has its own additional capabilities in addition to damage reduction.

  1. Bracers – increases the strength of the wearer’s hands, allowing you to quickly knock out enemies in hand-to-hand combat.
  2. Breastplate – Improved support allows you to carry more supplies.
  3. Leggings – increases leg strength and allows you to dash in the air.

Also, when collecting armor, you will get the opportunity to use the “Breath of the Dragon” grenades. They shoot from the armor a short distance and set fire to the area in a similar way to a Molotov cocktail.

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