Power Armor in PUBG Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

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Here’s everything you need to know about Power Armor mode in PUBG Mobile. It can be found in the “Evo Zone” section.

Season 17 of PUBG Mobile is in full swing. It has already received a lot of positive feedback from players. And the update itself brought a lot of new features to the game, including new modes and functions.

One of the innovations in update 1.3 “Power of the Runes” is the “Power Armor” mode. This is an exclusive game mode available in the Evo Zone section of PUBG Mobile. Before playing, you need to download it first.

In this article, we will tell you all about the Power Armor mode in PUBG Mobile.

Power armor in PUBG Mobile

Power Armor mode arrived in PUBG Mobile on February 5, 2021. It is available exclusively on the Livik map and can be found in the “Evo-zone” section. The new mode is part of the “Matrix” event.

In Power Armor mode, players must collect nanocrystals and blueprints for Power Armor. Then they need to go to the Matrix base, where they can create elements of power armor (bracers, cuirass, greaves). Power armor gives an additional advantage to the player.

Matrix base rules

  • Players must collect enough nanocrystals and blueprints.
  • The cost of one piece of armor is 1200 nanocrystals.
  • You cannot craft power armor without blueprints.

Revival rules

Rebirth Power Armor PUBG Mobile

  • A communications tower can be found near the Matrix bases, which allows you to revive the eliminated comrades.
  • Each player has two respawns in stock, which they receive automatically. You can also revive your companions based on the Matrix.

Exclusive features

Players can use motion detection to gather information about nearby enemies. Also, boxes with powerful weapons, blueprints for armor and nanocrystals appear on the map.

Hot spots are also marked on the map, where you can find more valuable equipment and boxes.

Power Armor Features

Power armor

When you collect a full set of power armor (bracers, cuirass, leggings), you will receive special abilities. There are two of them in the mode:

  • Dragon’s Breath – The ability to release a fiery mixture that injures the enemy.
  • High jump – The ability to take off into the air and fly at a short distance.

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