NZXT CAM – displaying information about the state of the computer over games

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A very useful program for streamers and just gamers. NZXT CAM allows you to display computer information such as FPS, CPU, GPU and RAM on top of any game.

Gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin or Uplay offer this capability. However, it doesn’t look very good and is also poorly configurable. And besides, you don’t always play games through platforms. The same Escape from Tarkov, for example, is launched through its launcher. And there are also offline games.

In general, you need a good and free program with which you can monitor the performance of your computer. And this is NZXT CAM.

Besides FPS (frames per second), CPU, GPU and RAM, you can enable display of system time and network. They are very useful when you are trying to tweak game settings, evaluate performance, or even overclock your computer. Also, the transparency and size of the overlay are adjusted.

By the way, during the game you can turn on the data overlay using the Ctrl + O key combination. Gaming platforms do not have this. And if in some games the information overlaps important areas of the interface, then you can change its position by pressing Ctrl + O, and then dragging to another part of the screen.

NZXT CAM had a bad history with collecting telemetry and users required an account to use it. These issues were fixed 2 years ago.

Download NZXT CAM

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