New State – is everything really that good with the new PUBG for mobile?

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The first trailer appeared on the net today PUBG: New State… Many people saw it and were delighted, and, as it seems to me, they risk “drowning” in their own high expectations regarding this royal battle. Now I will try to explain why wild admiration regarding PUBG: New State, in my subjective opinion, at least premature.

There will be no breakthrough in the schedule

We will not see any breakthrough in terms of graphics. Although the trailer demonstrates the visual part almost comparable to PUBG on PC, I am sure that the picture quality in New State will be comparable to that of the current pubg. This is necessary to keep that huge part of the audience playing on devices of the mid-budget segment. And if you compare the gameplay screenshots of PUBG Mobile and PUBG: New State, you can be sure that it will be so.

Left PUBG: New State – right PUBG Mobile

And I note that the graphics quality in PUBG Mobile is at a very high level. But almost no one uses it during the game, since everyone is ready to sacrifice beauty for the sake of a stable game without friezes.

New old mechanics

PUBG Mobile has an already established lore, starting from which the developers can not strongly “break” the classic game mode. For 3 years, many have already begun to get bored. Not everyone plays the more fun unrated modes. And here on the way there is also Apex Legends Mobile with crazy dynamics, a variety of characters and their abilities.

The new game, especially with events unfolding in the future, provides room for a wide variety of changes from skins to mechanics. And everything in PUBG: New State can be justified by the phrase that THIS IS THE SAME FUTURE.

Therefore, New State will collect all the most interesting from PUBGM and other projects from competitors. I strongly doubt that at least at the start something original will appear in the game.

PUBG: New State is the Chinese PUBG Mobile

Some players do not unreasonably believe that PUBG: New State is based on TiMi’s version of PUBG Mobile, which was only available in China. This is evidenced by the stylistic similarity between the design of the map and the icons of the controls.

This version of the game in China has been characterized by bold gameplay experiments since its release. So in one of the modes it was even possible to use a jetpack, disguise itself as a stone, or even create phantoms. I will not be surprised if we see all this in PUBG: New State.

Will PUBG Mobile issues disappear in PUBG: New State?

What annoys absolutely all adequate pubg players? Answer: bugs, cheaters and lack of hit registration. If the previous point is true and New State is created based on PUBG Mobile, then everything will remain in place.

At the end

Once again, I note that everything mentioned here is the assumptions and conclusions made on the basis of a fairly small amount of information about New State. Just seeing all this hype around the game and enthusiastic exclamations from watching the trailer, and then comparing information and facts, it turns out a new battle royale will not be so much different from the beloved PUBG Mobile. The thought creeps in, is it not done just in order to earn a huge amount of money on the mechanics already created earlier.

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If you have any thoughts about the new mobile pubg, then write in the comments, or correct if I’m wrong about something.

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