New State – all the details of the first video

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Announced PUBG: New State – a game that should expand the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS universe. Events in it will unfold in the near future – 2051, which means we will see a slightly changed world.

We were briefly introduced to some aspects of New State in the first video, but did you manage to notice everything that was shown in the PUBG: New State trailer? You can watch it again.

Now let’s take a look at all the most interesting and controversial moments of the PUBG: New State trailer.

PUBG: New State First Trailer Details


The video begins with the fact that we are shown how the characters are parachuted from the plane.

Airplane Jump PUBG NEW STATE

They have backpacks with parachutes on their backs, which means that the format of landing on the map will not change.


Then we are shown one of the locations from a bird’s eye view.


One- and two-story buildings can be seen here. Some have already been destroyed. Futuristic tram analogs move along the central street. Their doors are open, which means, most likely, we can use them for movement or tactical actions.

In the sky we notice a certain aircraft similar to a passenger copter. Perhaps with its help we will be able to navigate the map.

New scope in PUBG: New State

The next scene of the shootout takes us already inside this location. And besides the textures of some buildings, we are shown an updated reflex sight.

new scope PUBG NEW STATE

Many people may not like its performance, since the front sight takes up quite a lot of space.

New weapons in New State?

The weapon on which this sight is mounted is no less interesting. We see him on the scene of the storming of the building.


And then also in the shots of shooting from a car, but from a different angle.

new weapon PUBG NEW STATE

I could not make out whether this is a new weapon in PUBG: New State, or an existing one (for example Vektor) with some additional attachments.

Updated PUBG Transport: New State

Shown in the trailer New State and updated transport. In one of the frames, we see a motorcycle in a futuristic design with glowing wheels.

new motorcycle and trams PUBG NEW STATE

Here you can also see the same trams / buses that I mentioned above, but in the vicinity.

Updated look of the buggy. Wings appeared above the wheels.

new buggy PUBG NEW STATE

Well, they showed updated versions of the sedan and SUV.

new car pubg new state

Moreover, judging by the interior, the sedan can be an electric car.

Inside the car from the first person view is not very bad. There is navigation, and the speedometer shows the speed. I hope such a dashboard and a huge screen with navigation will be in PUBG: New State itself, and will not remain just a beautiful picture for a trailer.


Another difference from PUBG Mobile is that glasses may appear in the New State.

breaking glasses PUBG: New State

True, in the trailer itself, they look very strange, as if they are not part of the gameplay, but are superimposed on the video. Pay attention to this at 28 seconds.


The authors of the video also focused on how the character injects himself.


Perhaps this is just an analogue of Adrenaline from PUBG Mobile. But since New State is some kind of future, which means there is a possibility that this injection will be able to add or pump any skills of the character, for example: accelerated running, accelerated entry into the scope, or the ability to hear sounds at longer distances. It will be interesting to know about this in the further disclosure of information.

Drone with supplies

Next, a drone was demonstrated, which, most likely, can be called.

drone with supplies

He drops a not very large box. Perhaps in this way it will be possible to get consumables like, cartridges, medicines or even armor.

Drum Shop in PUBG: New State

Another innovation not found in PUBG Mobile is the Assault Rifle Drum Magazine. Specifically in this trailer, he is shown with SCAR.

SCAR with drum magazine

With its help, it will be possible to further increase the store capacity in PUBG New State. Real analogs of such magazines can hold 50-60 cartridges. But you will probably have to sacrifice reload speed.

Large location

The trailer showed one rather large multi-level location resembling a shopping and entertainment complex.

shopping and entertainment complex PUBG NEW STATE

Most interestingly, despite the fact that it is abandoned and partially destroyed, escalators continue to operate in it.


Quite an interesting moment in the video is the explosion of a new grenade.

If you pay attention to the time 1:04 in the video, you can see how before triggering a part of it moves out a little, the red diodes light up, and then an explosion occurs. And this happens at the moment when a character nearby begins to move. Perhaps it is conceived as reacting to movement, or maybe it is just such a staging of the frame. We will see this already in the game.

Portable Shield in PUBG: New State

They also showed the principle of operation of the portable shield.

portable shield PUBG NEW STATE

It will allow you to hide from enemy fire in an open area.

Destructibility in PUBG: New State

The moment with the door falling off near a destroyed car can serve as an example of the partial destructibility of small shelters.

car door falls off

Bombing / Red Zone

The bombardment, or, as we call it, the Red Zone, is shown very effectively in the PUBG NEW STATE trailer.

bombing the red zone PUBG NEW STATE

Huge shells are falling from the sky. I would like them to be visible in the game too.

What’s on your hand?

At this, the level of heat in the trailer comes to an end and we see how the only survivor sitting on the roof opens a can of energy.

energy drink and gadget on hand

But my interest was aroused by his gadget on his right hand. The rest of the characters in the video don’t have it. What is it? Just a piece of a skin or a useful item that gives an advantage that can be found on the map? Unclear.


As you can see, even the first very short video showed quite a lot of interesting differences between PUBG: New State and PUBG Mobile. We are waiting for more information and answers to the questions that this trailer gave us. Write in the comments if you noticed something interesting that I missed.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a couple of images referring to the lore of PUBG: New State.

They report a rift between people and a desire to see systemic change.

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