More than 30 games added to the Apple Arcade library

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Last week in Apple Arcade the largest addition to the collection has occurred since the launch of the service. In total, more than 30 games have become available to users, and now their number has exceeded 180 titles.

Earlier, there were rumors that Apple was rethinking its approach to Arcade, with a focus on high retention games. This has led to the fact that now a subscription gaming service provides access not only to exclusives, but also to other significant games from both the premium segment and shareware. These games are part of two new sections of Apple Arcade: “Timeless Classics”, which includes mobile versions of genres such as chess and backgammon, and “App Store Greats”, which consists of projects marked by the App Store editors. Games of these two sections are marked with a “+” sign after the name of the game.

Full list of games added to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade: Timeless Classics

A collection of games for fans of checkers, chess, solitaire, sudoku and the like.

  • Chess — Play & Learn+
  • Solitaire by MobilityWare+
  • Flipflop Solitaire+
  • Backgammon+
  • Royal Checkers +
  • Good Sudoku+
  • Mahjong Titan+
  • Really Bad Chess+
  • SpellTower +
  • Tiny Crossword+
  • Sudoku Simple+

App Store Greats

A collection of some of the most popular App Store games with no in-app purchases or ads.

  • Fruit Ninja Classic+
  • Monument Valley+
  • Chameleon Run+
  • Ink +
  • Threes! — Arcade
  • The Room Two+
  • Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition +
  • Mini Metro+
  • Reigns+

Not without the addition of exclusive and redesigned for Arcade projects.

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