Mobile has kicked off Season 2 – RETURN DAY. What’s new?

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Welcome to Day of Vengeance Season Two Call of Duty: Mobile… Coming soon, Season 2 will bring a ton of new content, including two classic multiplayer maps, new weapons, Sniper-only 3v3 Fire Contact, new Battle Royale vehicles, score streak, brand new rewards and Battle Pass materials.

The Day of Vengeance will be available at 3:00 Moscow time on March 11. And now more about the new season 2 in Call of Duty: Mobile.

New performers

Modern Warfare’s Charlie will be one of the default character options for players. Charlie will join other female operators such as Outrider, Vivian Harris and more. Players all over the world will be able to get Charlie for free upon release.

Earn New Rewards with the Day of Vengeance Battle Pass

Day of Vengeance includes a brand new Battle Pass with 50 stages of free and special game content, including new characters, new weapons, blueprints, amulets and more. Let’s move on to the most interesting points:

Free Battle Pass Stages

Add one new weapon and one new series of points to your arsenal for free in the Season 2 Battle Pass. Available in Stage 21, AS Val is a brand new and unique semi-automatic single-shot assault rifle. In Stage 14, you will receive a new streak of Napalm Points for Multiplayer.

Other free items include Chopper, M21 EBR – Phantom Limb, Battleaxe – Gas Cloud, a whole series of battle royale camouflages, weapons, and more.

Special Pass Stages

Purchase the Battle Pass for a chance to unlock all of the in-game content during Season of the Day of Vengeance. Get Urban Combat-themed Skins such as Mace – “For More” or Alex from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare… Don’t miss the new blueprints for weapons like the VAL AS – “Justice” or the HVK-30 – “Cigarette Lighter”.

New Classic Maps: Shoot House and Shipment 2019

Get ready to fight on two of the most popular compact maps in multiplayer history. Shoot House, which first appeared in Call of Futy: Modern Warfare, is a dynamic three-lane map designed for frantic battles on a military range. Play as a sniper by shooting along the lines, or move between the lines looking for close combat. Whichever playstyle you prefer, be sure to check out our article “Mobile cards: Shoothouse”to learn more about the new map.

Shipment (2019) is the latest version of the game’s favorite multiplayer map. It is just as chaotic as you’d expect. Quick reflexes and ruthless attacks are required to get a streak of points. So move quickly and look around. On such a small map, you won’t have time to breathe.

New perk and streak in multiplayer

Expand your arsenal of multiplayer tools with new content. Intelligence lovers can choose a new perk “Intelligence”: every time you kill an enemy, nearby enemies are scanned and displayed on the minimap.

Do you like to make a stir? Season 2 introduces a new series of glasses – Napalm. Collect the required number of points and designate a route for air support, which will arrange carpet bombing and leave a trail of fire.

Call for all marksmen: “Fire contact” 3×3 only for snipers

Do you think you shoot the best? Now is your chance to prove it. In this new variant of Fire Contact, two teams of 3 players fight for victory in six rounds using only sniper rifles. Target them immediately after the start of the fight, or stay in motion to dodge enemy shots and fire back when the enemy is reloading. Whichever tactic you choose, get ready for a tough battle.

New vehicles and a new class in the battle royale

Even the most rugged terrain is overwhelmed by the truck – the newest vehicle to arrive in battle royale. Jump into this unique vehicle with your squad and start traveling around the countryside in search of epic trophies.

A truck capable of carrying a maximum of six players provides solid protection. The body of the truck opens up unique opportunities for players: using the abilities of the KB classes (for example, a paratrooper), the ability to catch parcels and free movement during firing, reloading and other actions.

Command a soldier in the Chase event

The Chase event, starting later this season, will give you the opportunity to command your own Special Operations unit. Send him on a mission to collect the loot, which you will receive after his return. This is the real helping hand.

To upgrade your soldier, play multiplayer and battle royale and earn experience points to level up your companion. The stronger your soldier, the higher the quality of the trophies he received. If you bring a soldier to the maximum level, then you will receive him on an ongoing basis – he will become part of your collection of available performers.

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