Midasbuy – how to profitably top up your UC account in PUBG Mobile and not lose money from scammers

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Midasbuy Is the official store where you can top up UC account in PUBG Mobile or buy Royale Pass yourself or any other player. Since when you pay for in-game purchases on MidSby you pay directly to the game developer, the commission of third-party Google Play and App Store stores is not charged. This allows you to make the purchase of UC more profitable. Moreover, on Midasbuy.com can get UC for free, which I will discuss next.


How to buy a UC or Royale Pass at Midasbuy

Go to site Midasbuy.com PUBG Mobile… You will be presented with a page where you can select the item you want to purchase: UC, Royale Pass or Elite Royale Pass.


After selecting the required product, you will be taken to the checkout page. I will show you the option with the purchase of UC, and the purchase of the Royale Pass follows the same pattern.

Midasbuy purchase UC

Here you will need:

  • Enter your player ID – yours, or any other player to whom you are going to fund your UC account. After specifying the ID, the player’s nickname will also be displayed, which will help to avoid an error.
    Midasbuy iD
  • Choose a payment method – by card, mobile account or payment services Skril or NETELLER.
  • Select the desired amount of UC to purchase. Please note that there will be different options for the number of UCs and prices for different payment methods.

After that, the Pay button will become active and the total amount for payment will be displayed.

Click on the PAY button and go to the data entry page. Below you can see 2 options for payment: by credit card and by mobile account:

Midasbuy.com payment by card
Midasbuy optata mobile invoice

After the payment goes through and the money is debited from your account, the UC will be credited immediately to your account in the game.

What to do if you did not receive UC when buying on Midasbuy PUBG Mobile

If within 24 hours the UC you paid for has not been credited to the account in the game, then you should send an email to support at help@midasbuy.com. In the letter, indicate your country, player ID, indicate the purchased item, indicate the payment method used, describe the problem and inform the time of the purchase.

An example of contacting Midasbuy PUBG Mobile support:

Country Russia
Player ID: 123456789
Purchased item: 3000 UC
Payment method: Credit card
Problem: I didn’t receive my paid UCs at 19:30 02/03/2021

Midasbuy official website and scammers

There are increasing reports that were not credited when purchased on Midsby UC… And almost all of these complaints come from a huge number of scam sites copying the entire Midasbuy site or even adding new elements. Remember that the link to Midasbuy official website looks like that www.midasbuy.com… Sites with any other spelling of the address are fraudulent.

As a rule, fraudsters set price tags lower than on the official Midasbuy website, which can also attract a player to give their money “for air”. Some even offer to buy popular items that were never sold in PUBG Mobile, but were only available in cases. So on one of the fraudulent sites you can buy М416 Glacier pumped to the maximum, though only for 90 days.

Another way to understand that you have contacted a scammer when purchasing UC is the final moment of the payment. As you can see in the screenshot below, when entering data for payment, there is a mention that the payment will be sent to an “Individual”, that is, an ordinary person, not an organization.

Therefore, be careful, and if the purchase scheme differs from the one that we described at the beginning of the article, then you cannot enter card details in it for payment.

VIP status at Midasbuy and free UCs

VIP system Is a collection of exclusive services provided by Midasbuy.com to its users. Having received the VIP status, users can accumulate currency inside Midasby and spend it on items for PUBG Mobile. And you can get currency both for purchasing goods through Midasbuy, and for completing daily and weekly access to the site.

To obtain a VIP-status, you just need to register on the official website midasbuy.com. And then, by accumulating points, you can participate in the lottery and get the opportunity to get temporary skins or even UC free.

Midasbuy lucky-draw

Above you can see an example of possible gifts from Lacky Draw, but this list is updated regularly.

Midasbuy lucky draw призы

But beyond the enjoyment of receiving prizes, being a VIP gives you Midasbuy priority customer service privileges. VIPs can send inquiries by email and the support staff will try to respond as quickly as possible.

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