Learn Some Step Affiliate Marketing for 18 days.

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This article is a learning sharing by friends of ” Affiliate Marketing Circle “, the article has been authorized by the author to publish!

I did several jobs, but my heart never took root until I met Affiliate Marketing .

Counting from the official decision to start affiliate marketing on today is the 18th day.

From being overwhelmed by a bunch of concepts, not even knowing what Media buy means, to slowly sorting out some clues; 
from the beginning of the heroic feelings, wanting to do a big job, to being hit, emotionally down, and now Reorganized 
and went into battle; from registering tremblingly, chatting with AM in a hurry, now I have some understanding of my own. 
Whether it is knowledge or mentality, I face huge challenges.

However, I still believe that this path is correct. It is precisely because of difficulties that I can keep most of the mediocre people out and live the life I want through hard work.

Starting from today, I decided to write a work log every day. I think that only by forcing my own output can I force my own input, and acting and thinking rationally can make myself progress faster.

Let’s first sort out the things I have done during this period of time and some of the experience in the process.

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1. Study

The main contents are: 
A) Articles of the Wealthy Alliance (mainly 40-day advanced tutorial for Xiaobai ) 
B) Mobile Mastery perfect Chinese version video tutorial 
C) Affren translated Finch Great God’s introductory tutorial 
D) Cui Huanghuang’s blog (worth a separate one) I mentioned the Zeno video translated by Cui Huanghuang)

Undoubtedly, for everyone who is new to Affiliate, learning is a must. Even a few great gods have never stopped learning, let alone a novice like me.

I have just come into contact with so many concepts, with a dumb face, and I can’t find the point at all, like a lion biting a hedgehog-I can’t make a mouth, the blood of the previous hard work is instantly extinguished.

But at this point, you can only bite the bullet, from video tutorials to website blogs, slowly sort out the key points, and learn while practicing. 
Until when I saw Zeno’s video, I instantly realized that the way to advance affiliates is the same as the way to fight monsters in the game.

Since then, I re-formed my study plan and focused on the learning of the direct chain, and put aside everything that has nothing to do with the direct chain. (It takes a long time for the learning content of the direct chain to be familiar with it)

This feeling is like learning to drive. From the tension at the beginning, to slowly relaxing, to listening to music and thinking about things while driving, and finally to racing and drifting, it is the same reason.

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Learning experience:

A) Respect for data, without any emotions.
Before I did sales work, I had to talk about emotions when dealing with customers. From the so-called “feelings” to data and science, this made me feel very comfortable. There is only the principle of first nature among the ever-changing will not change.

B) Focus on the big picture, start small.
I need to stand on the goal of the entire campaign, even within the scope of customer needs, to think about the problem; at the same time, I need to continue to do split-tests in every small part of the campaign

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C) Do only one thing at a time, understand one content at a time.
Because I need to be exposed to a lot of new concepts, and there are many words I don’t know, this made me feel great anxiety at the beginning. 
Often when solving the A problem, I jumped out of the B problem, when I solved the B problem, I jumped out of the C problem, and slowly opened countless windows on the browser, and found that none of the problems were solved.

So I let go of my anxiety, and every time there is a problem, I must understand the problem thoroughly, otherwise the next time this problem occurs, it will still be a hurdle that cannot be avoided.

D) The world of Affiliate is extremely broad and has no upper limit; it has a wide range of applications and unlimited possibilities.
As long as business and the Internet of Things exist, there will be Affiliate. No matter what form it appears in the future, it will always exist. 
In this challenging world, personal abilities can be infinitely amplified.

I don’t need to manage physical objects like factories and shops, and I don’t need to show up like an anchor (this is where I feel very comfortable). As long as the campaign is debugged, profitability is a matter of course, and my ads may be countless. People see and click, and at the same time I can get countless rewards.

At the same time, Affiliate’s methodology is interoperable with many industries. As long as you can master the skills, no matter what industry you are in in the future, as long as you are doing Internet marketing, you will have its use.

E) Bold hypothesis, carefully verify
this, not much explanation

Special thanks to Teacher Forbes for sharing. Without the information he shared and sorted out with other great gods, I guess I would lose my way in the ocean of affiliates. I am sincerely grateful!

2. Practical operation

From the beginning of enthusiastic registration, I wanted to start the campaign immediately; I 
slowly found that dozens of dollars were easily hit by the water, and I looked back at the tutorial before it turned out that the teacher had already talked about it 

Although the actual operation process has been psychologically prepared before, it is still more difficult than imagined.

Practical content: 
A) Registered two alliances, two traffic sources, a tracking website, domain namecheap space Google cloud 
B) ran two offers, cost 20 US dollars, the only income of 2.2 US dollars is my own order 
C) registration 3 domain names, try to build VPS, SSR, install WordPress

Summary and experience: 
A) Things are not as simple as imagined. If you settle down to do it, it will certainly not be as difficult as it seems. 
B) It is necessary to spend money on practice. The key is to not allow the paid tuition fees without any return. , You can’t learn just by reading the tutorial, you can’t learn to swim on land. 
C) Patience, continuous testing and optimization

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3. Plan

A) The content of the actual operation is obviously too little. Next, we need to test a lot of offers, adjust the status, first run through the two platforms at hand; 
B) Follow the teacher’s tutorial, test some more campaigns from start to finish, compare the tutorial, and ask for advice teacher. 
C) Focus on the straight chain, focus on the basic, then I will get a lot of reward 
D) Write Affiliate log every day

4. Dream

A) Buy a small courtyard and open your own studio 
B) Wife can resign freely and do what she likes 
C) Every winter and summer vacation, a family travels long

If you can take the precious time to guide my work, I would be very grateful, because it will save me a lot of detours.


Viewpoint: In the Internet age of exploding content, dazzled fragmented knowledge, demonized money-making myths, full of impetuous hearts, crowds of people, eager for quick success, and always wanting to make a profit. As everyone knows, every opportunity is favored by people who are prepared. To make a difference in any industry requires precipitation and a certain threshold. Only when the opportunity comes can it be more stable than others. Xiao Lou’s 18-day study summary and sharing are the mentality and steady attitude that a newcomer should have, which is worth learning

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