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King Of Thieves MOD APK v2.51.2 (Unlimited Gold/Gems/Coins)

Steal gems, build your defenses and win guild wars in the Arena!

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4.3 ( 950 ratings )
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Name King of Thieves
Publisher ZeptoLab
Genre Strategy
Size 10
Version 2.51.2
Update February 28, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money/Gems
King of Thieves is the most famous version in the King of Thieves series of publisher ZeptoLab
Mod Version 2.51.2
Total installs 10,000,000
Content Rating Everyone

• Unlimited Money • Unlimited Gems

Whats New

Here are the version notes: - Added six new trap costumes. - An option to permanently remove the ads for Star Master by purchasing the No Ads Pass. - Prepared the activities for the 7th anniversary. Stay tuned to our social media for the details. - Bugfixes and improved the stability of the game. Good luck in the dungeons, thieves!

King of Thieves  is  aRussian arcade game for iOS and Android developed and published by Zeptolab UK Limited . The game was announced on January 23, 2015 on the Cut the Rope  Youtube channel . The release on the iOS platform took place on February 12, 2015  . The game soon became available on platforms such as Amazon ( February 27, 2015 ), Android ( March 5, 2015 ) and Windows ( December 18, 2015 ). In 2018 Zeptolab UK Limited has discontinued support for the Amazon version of the game , and in 2019 for Windows. Players were asked to port the gameplay to the iOS and Android platforms

It became the first arcade game on the PVP platform produced by Zeptolab UK Limited. In the first 5 days after the launch, it reached an audience of 2 million players.

As of May 2015, the game has reached the 10 million downloads threshold with 6 million monthly active players  .

In 2015, King of Thieves was included in the list of the best apps for Android according to Google Play ] ; in 2016, Apple named the arcade the best Russian game on Apple TV

King Of Thieves MOD APK 1 1024x576
King Of Thieves MOD APK 1 1024×576


The action takes place in the kingdom of thieves. The thief, the former king, with the help of his girlfriend Jeffy, escapes from the prison in which he was imprisoned by dishonest means. Since a lot of time passed during the imprisonment of the former Thieves King, he was almost forgotten and his ratings collapsed. The hero intends to take revenge on the current king Rustin and his minions, thanks to the misadventures of which the Thief ended up behind bars.

King Of Thieves MOD APK 4 1024x576
King Of Thieves MOD APK 4 1024×576

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Games process

At the very beginning, the player is asked to control the thief. His goal with each attack on someone else’s dungeon is to steal the stone or gold that is in the totem, overcoming the many traps that the other player sets up to prevent the theft of their resources.


The game has a system of leagues (there are 14 in total), for the passage of which the player is given in-game currency in the form of coins and blue spheres. The player’s task is to defeat the antagonists who, according to the plot, are trying to prevent the thief from returning to the throne.


Each thief has a health reserve. Each time the character encounters a trap during an attack (from the “Attack” dungeon, “Find the enemy”, find a good dungeon and hack), the character loses a certain amount of health, depending on the level of the trap he encountered. The higher the level of the trap, the more health the character will lose.


When moving to a new dungeon, the player can choose from three random sets of traps. Traps try to damage the thief and protect the dungeon from other thieves who try to loot it. You need to hard place the dungeon if you don’t like the old one. In the lower right corner of the “Edit”, you need to arrange the traps as difficult as possible, go through twice in a row and it will be saved. There are currently 11 traps and 3 elements that are used to protect the totem. Traps can be upgraded to a maximum of level 46 (to upgrade a trap, click on it and “Upgrade”). Each time a trap is upgraded, its damage is increased. Elements such as trampoline, platform and gravitron cannot be upgraded. They only appear in certain dungeons and can be used for extra protection.

King Of Thieves MOD APK 5 1024x576
King Of Thieves MOD APK 5 1024×576

The throne is a mandatory attribute of every thief, giving the character various abilities. The strength of the abilities depends on the level of the throne. There are 4 abilities in total: “Health”, “Theft of gold”, “Chance of stealing a stone”, “Chance of dropping a better stone”. To go there, click on the throne in your dungeon and select the lower right panel, there you will find the thrones.

There are costumes in the same place where the throne is (next tab). Downstairs there is a Stylish Thief apparatus. There, load magic items, press the lever and win a costume. If it is repeated, then you will receive some spheres. To test a suit, press and hold on it. You can jump into your dungeon with this costume.

Players for joint play can unite in Guilds. They can show their strength in Guild Battles . Each guild competes against a randomly selected guild. The contribution to the battle of guilds depends on the “delta”, that is, on how much a particular player has increased his rating since the beginning of the round. The guild with the highest total delta wins, and each player in the winning guild receives blue orbs. The number of spheres that is given to one player depends on the number of stones stolen throughout the arena ( multiplier ) and on the location of the guild in a particular arena.


Unique stones – these are special stones that can be obtained by saving stones to the treasury, drag the stone to “Save” at the bottom and release. The rating will be saved, but it will not be possible to return it. To save, you will need emeralds, which can be obtained after completing the ritual. The scale will be filled with the saved rating. Once filled, you will have an Artifact of Wealth (bottom left panel) containing 1 random Unique Gem. With the help of unique stones and emeralds, learn spells (bottom center), temporary ones will stop working after the expiration date, but they can be activated again. Permanent ones always work, but they can be improved, also for emeralds and unique stones. There is also a collection of stones (slightly to the left of the spells), there will be your unique and large stones. Large stones are stones with a rating greater than 1,000,000, with them you can not perform rituals, and steal. To get, perform a ritual so that the amount exceeds a million. And if you combine stones with a rating of 999,999 each, you get the maximum (ideal) stone for 2,999,997. It is rainbow.

There are 4 currencies in the game:coins ,blue spheres ,crystal tears and emeralds. All of them differ in the way they are obtained and used in the game.

Creating The Game

The birth of an idea Edit

One of the first game prototypes

For 5 years, Zeptolab UK Limited was a “one franchise” company , which required the creation and development of new ideas: the team proposed 120 concepts , developed 50 prototypes , one of which eventually turned into King of Thieves  : one of the Days of Autonomy, when employees are engaged in some kind of their own project, and then present its results to the company, a character was invented that can jump and push off the walls by pressing the smartphone screen . The idea was accepted by the staff, the task was to come up with a potential game using this idea; as a result, the project went into development, which lasted about 2 years.

Development and beta testing Edit

The prototype of the future game was created in one day. Pre-production lasted about 50 weeks: during each working week, a new version of the application was discussed, on weekends, company employees competed with each other, tested the resulting product .

Cooperation with Viber

On February 18, 2016, King of Thieves appeared in the Viber game library . The game began to support login not only through Facebook , but also through Viber. The project was configured for the messenger and its users  .

With the help of Viber, the player can play together with his friends and ask them for help in case of stealing a stone from a thief. However, when a player connects to Viber, the Facebook functionality becomes unavailable

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