Karakin in PUBG Mobile – Release Date and What’s Next

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In this article, you will find out the release date of the Karakin map in PUBG Mobile. And also what opportunities await players at the new location.

There are currently five Battle Royale maps available in PUBG Mobile. These are Erangel, Sanok, Miramar, Vikendi and Livik. However, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of another map called Karakin. She previously appeared in the beta version of the update under the number 1.3.

On the official Twitter page, the developers announced the date of the official release of the map. According to them, she will soon replace Vikendi. Here is a translation of the official announcement:

No, this is not a mirage – this is a chicken dinner in the desert. Get ready to land on the new Karakin 4/7 map! Karakin will replace Vikendi, so play it before it disappears!

In this article, we will talk about when Karakin will be released. We will also consider new features that will be available exclusively on the new map.

When is Karakin coming to PUBG Mobile?

The official release of the Karakin map in PUBG Mobile will take place on April 7, 2021. On this day, it will replace another popular Vikendi card. Karakin can be found in the game mode selection menu. She will appear in the Classic section among other Battle Royale maps. Karakin will bring a ton of new features to the game, including shooting through thin walls, sticky bombs and the Panzerfaust grenade launcher.

The size of Karakin will be 2 by 2 square kilometers. This is a dry desert area, where stones will serve as a shelter for players. 64 players can fight on the map at the same time. Destruction zones will periodically appear on the map. They will not only destroy buildings, but also damage players. Therefore, they will have to leave their positions and engage in battle with the enemy.

Map of Karakin

Players must be prepared for protracted long-range combat in the mountains. In parallel with this, you will need to come up with battle strategies in the city. And also be ready for new destruction mechanics. Sticky bombs and a grenade launcher can destroy walls and deal damage to those hiding inside. And thin walls can be easily shot and eliminated by enemies.

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