In PUBG Mobile, the new Karakin map has become available and the Vikendi map has been removed

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As announced today, April 7, at PUBG Mobile a new map of Karakin has become available. It is the smallest with dimensions of 2 × 2 kilometers, and up to 64 people can play on it at the same time.

Despite its small size, Karakin has many features. So, for example, there is absolutely no transport on it and you have to move only on foot. In addition, it has its own unique weapons available: a sticky bomb and Panzerfaust.

The red zone has been replaced by a destructive black zone that can destroy buildings. And in general, with the addition of partially destructible walls, in terms of destructibility, Karakin takes a step forward relative to all other cards.

But together with the appearance of the new map, the players had to say goodbye to the winter Vikendi. True, this is a temporary measure, as the developers are preparing for the appearance in PUBG Mobile of the updated Vikendi 2.0, the main feature of which will be a train traveling around the ring. Unfortunately, no information has yet been disclosed when it is worth waiting for the appearance of an updated winter map.



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