How To Write A Good Content In Blog Post

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Tips for those looking to write good blog writing

Working with texts and forming your own style is an important task for a blogger. It is said that style and the ability to adhere to a certain uniform manner come “with time”; But personally, I do not believe that without clear rules and improving practical skills, you can simply “get your hand” at the expense of time. 

Besides, time is too valuable a resource to be spent on “working hours”. Therefore, based on my own experience and mistakes, I can give5 small tips for those who want to improve their writing skills in the blog
The technique of “morning pages” and freewriting as such : For the first time I read about this technique of working with my own thoughts, ideas and sketches of text in a post by Vladimir Degtyarev , and since then I have repeatedly resorted to this method of accumulating ideas and formulating sketches for my own posts (I am writing for several large Ukrainian and Russian projects, and sometimes it is necessary to write several voluminous author’s texts per day). Besides, keeping a paper diarycan be used as a subspecies of “morning pages” .

Reading books of various topics and styles: Enriching vocabulary, expanding the vocabulary of synonyms and speech patterns is possible only through reading fiction(you can argue with me, but only with good reason: for 7 years of blogging, I have not found a single confirmation that “ I don’t read fiction ”=“ I can express my thoughts correctly ”). You can increase your knowledge in the area that you write about for a blog only by reading professional literature on this topic, reading business books. And one more thing: try to read in several languages, not only in Russian: you can “feel” the specifics of turnovers and comparative terminology only by having access to different language versions of the same book, for example.

In my work with blogs, I try to use thescheme “Wrote – Read – Postponed – Returned to the same text in 5-8-12 hours.” Of course, in the case when “the post is on,” such a scheme cannot be realized; but in most articles there is time to proofread and comb the final text.

Reading other people’s blogs, columns and articles: Sometimes newbie bloggers are advised not to pay attention to how someone “eminent” writes: they say, this is how the eye and the “sense of the word” become blurred, imitation and copying begins, but you need to develop your own style. 

Partially there is a rational “grain” in this, however, without interesting samples and sensible, “tasty” text, you risk becoming one of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of “owners of zhezheshechka”. 

If your goal is to create an interesting content project or work in the editorial office of a readable and authoritative blog, then it makes sense to read more often competitors, ideologically close and even ideologically “enemy” bloggers: learn from the successes and mistakes that you notice from them.

Be sure to purchase / download / take to read from colleagues or friends desktop manuals, style books or working rules for media offices, online publications, or just for journalists . Among the most useful ones that I can recommend: a set of rules for the design of articles and news for Kommersant journalists; rules for the work of the issuing editor in the media; Western guidelines for publishers such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Google’s official blog and community guidelines, Yahoo! and Microsoft; Amzin’s book for Internet journalists .

‌And write, show your texts to those who are critical, do not be afraid of the audience. Work on yourself and your style of writing does not stop until you decide to “quit” blogging (and this happens very rarely :)).

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