HONOR 10X Lite: Battery -Fire, Charge Cannon Smartphone Review

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HONOR 10X Lite: Battery – Fire, Charge – Cannon

The new HONOR 10X Lite smartphone amazes the imagination with both excellent technical equipment for its price and overall quality of workmanship. It was no less interesting for us to check out the App Gallery branded applications store, which replaced the traditional Google Play

.Well, the promise of a capacious battery with support for HONOR Super Charge technology makes the device particularly attractive.


If someone had said a few years ago that today for less than $ 300 it would be possible to buy a machine that looks and works like the HONOR 10X Lite, I would hardly have believed it.Nevertheless, you have to get used to living in a new reality. So, the device came to our test in a completely black case, without additional color accents and pearlescent effects (there are also matte versions of silver-violet and green in the lineup). The back panel is traditionally made of tempered glass, which, for all its beauty, collects fingerprints of the owner no worse than the Interior Ministry’s filing cabinet (it’s good at least that other colors have a matte surface).

And this despite the fact that there is also a special scanner for drawing fingertips, however, unlike previous models, it is not placed on the back wall, but is combined with the phone’s on / off key on the side panel. The delivery set of the device includes a transparent plastic cover, so for the first time the owner will already be spared from the contemplation of prints, right up to the purchase of a protective cover of the desired design and color. The device is excellently made, it is absolutely impossible to find fault with the build quality – a monolith! The front panel is covered with a high-quality protective film, which provides a cutout for a selfie camera, so, in principle, you can not remove it.


The smartphone is equipped with a 6.67-inch display on an LCD matrix (IPS) with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels.Color saturation can be selected between Vivid and Normal, and the color temperature is adjusted using the traditional HONOR gamut. It is enough to touch any part of it, and the shade of the screen color will change in the direction you need. In principle, the available adjustment options are quite enough to bring the colors displayed on the screen as close as possible to what you see in reality during shooting.Anyway, we did it.


The HONOR 10X Lite is equipped with a proprietary eight-core Kirin 710A processor, made using a 14nm process technology. It is important to note that this is the first fully mainland Chinese chip manufactured by Shanghai-based Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) and clocked at 2.0 GHz. This means that the manufacturer continues to successfully overcome dependence on suppliers from Taiwan. Considering that smartphones of this level are usually not designed for hardcore gamers – and processor limitations can only manifest themselves in heavy games with complex graphics at maximum settings – the chipset’s capabilities will be enough for any use case, especially taking into account the use of GPU Turbo 3.0 technology, which contributes to correct movement training. The device easily copes with complex video material, including watching rather weighty videos and high-definition movies. There is no need to talk about office applications – they work flawlessly.


The smartphone runs on Android 10 OS, on top of which the Magic UI 3.1.1 graphical shell is installed. We believe that this is the most convenient Android add-on from the great variety of versions available on the market. In general, the interface is convenient and straightforward, there is nothing to add here.


But on the applications it is necessary to dwell separately. As everyone already knows, the Google Play store has fallen victim to the trade war between the United States and China, and it will not be possible to find it in the new generation HONOR smartphones.However, the manufacturer did not grieve for long and presented its own App Gallery platform, through which you can download most of the programs familiar to Russians. There are also State services, and all Yandex applications, and many banking services, and many games and applications, including office programs.However, there are exceptions – if we managed to find Telegram, Viber and VKontakte without problems, then for WhatsApp and Facebook we had to use a workaround in the face of the Petal Search application already available in the smartphone. Through it, you can download APK files directly from the sites of these services and install them on HONOR 10X Lite without any problems. So the user of the device will not feel the consequences of the confrontation between the two powers


It’s not entirely clear why, but such a travel-friendly thing as a good old analog FM receiver is now extremely rare in phones, as well as a 3.5 mm jack for connecting wired headphones. Well, HONOR 10X Lite has both, which is great news for music lovers. Of course, the processor of the device supports playback of Hi Res audio with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz, and when installing an external PowerAmp player (yes, it is in the App Gallery), the sound is very decent when connecting headphones designed to work with portable devices, then available with high sensitivity and low resistance. Of course, the presence of a Bluetooth module allows you to take full advantage of the possibilities it provides, including connecting wireless headphones and speakers. Your smartphone’s built-in speakers sound loud and distortion-free up to their level limiter, so you don’t miss a call. The speech intelligibility is also good.


Perhaps the camera module in today’s smartphones is the main argument for buying them. The HONOR 10X Lite has a quad lens operating on 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP matrices. Until recently, this configuration could only be found in top models. Of course, the functionality of the camera is slightly reduced – for example, video recording is available only with a resolution of 1080p, but you can select a frequency of 60 Hz, which provides more accurate and smoother transmission of moving objects. As for the photographs, then, as we noted, it is quite possible to achieve correct color reproduction on the phone screen. If we talk about the depth and clarity of the frame, then with the help of a smartphone, you can take very good object and field pictures. The camera software includes the original AI Lens app, which analyzes what was “seen” by the lens and correlates it with a remote database. Available modes are “shopping”, that is, search for matches among the database of goods, “translation”, which imposes translation on the text directly on the screen using the augmented reality function, and “calories”. The latter, as you might guess, is trying to guess the energy value of the food captured by the camera. All in all, not bad party entertainment.

The front camera has a resolution of 8 MP, which is more than enough for high-quality pictures in good lighting.

Memory and battery

The capacity of the device’s built-in battery is excellent – as much as 5,000 mAh, which will allow you not only to forget about the approaches to the outlet for a long time, but also, in combination with support for HONOR Super Charge fast charging technology with a capacity of 22.5 watts, will make it possible to get the maximum charge in the minimum time – up to 30% in just a few minutes. Perhaps, this particular feature of the device makes it attractive in the eyes of the target audience, since a capacious battery has always distinguished truly popular phones. Now fast charging is coming to this segment – a convenience to which you quickly get used to. And you can already forget about the obligatory item of the evening routine “put the smartphone to charge at night”.

The built-in memory of the smartphone is 128 GB, RAM is 4 GB. The latter is quite enough for the simultaneous launch and confident operation of many applications, and the storage capacity will not run out for a long time, even if you regularly shoot videos at maximum resolution.

It should also be noted that when buying HONOR 10X Lite, in addition to the device itself, the user will receive many bonuses from various services and service providers, including Yandex Music, Delivery Club, iVi and many others. I


Contactless payments with HONOR 10X Lite are no problem. An NFC module is available, and the absence of Google Pay is fully compensated for by such services as SberPay (supports Visa and Mastercard, Mir is on its way) and Wallet with support for cards from about twenty major Russian banks.

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