Fast and efficient ways to get diamonds in Free Fire
In 2021

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Have you ever wanted to get a lot of diamonds in Battle Royale Free Fire?Anticipating an answer, we can please you, because in this article we will tell you about the most effective ways to do this both for investing real money and completely free of charge. But why does the player need diamonds? With their help, you can buy valuable in-game items: costumes, skins for weapons, vehicles and much more. In general, they allow you to morally mock other players, because you will have cool and sometimes brilliant things.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that in Garena Free Fire provides methods for obtaining diamonds for free, but there are not so many of them, and in this case the game is not worth the candle. We will definitely indicate them in this article, but the emphasis will be on smart ways to get diamonds, so that soon you can purchase the long-awaited items.

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What are diamonds in Garena Free Fire?

Diamonds in Garena Free Fire is an in-game currency that can be purchased with real money. As usual in shareware projects, it is for this currency that the most valuable items are purchased.

In addition to buying diamonds directly, you can try your luck at Lucky Royale, but you have to stock up on your luck. But if you win, you get cheap diamonds. It is also worth noting that Lucky Royale contains items that you can’t just pick up and buy.

How do you get these diamonds?

The short answer is you buy them.Yes, in Garena Free Fire there are methods for obtaining diamonds for free, but for this you need to follow in-game events every day, spend your time and collect diamonds bit by bit.

Here are some ways to get diamonds:

  • Buy them directly
  • Subscribe. For 118 you can get a weekly subscription, and for 427 you can get a monthly subscription. Unfortunately, there is no discount for making a monthly subscription, but they give an additional 100 crystals and a gold skin for AK.
  • Participate in events. For this, you have a chance, with the proper level of shooting and survival skills, to get various items or free diamonds. For example, at the moment there are community streams, during which American pro players are fighting with ordinary players and the latter have the opportunity to get up to 13,000 diamonds. Viewers will be handed out promo codes too, so be sure to check out the live streams.

What’s the most efficient way to get diamonds in Garena Free Fire?

If you are going to devote a long time to this project, then you should seriously think about subscribing. It is best to arrange two of them – weekly and monthly. Yes, you can do that too. For 944 rubles per month, you will receive more items and diamonds than if you decided to buy them directly.

It is also worth keeping an eye out for special offers. We saw a beautiful suit or skin – it’s better to wait until it will be sold at a discount. Yes, you may get it right away, but you can save precious diamonds

How to get diamonds in Garena Free Fire completely free?

Our answer is that it’s not worth it.Instead, it’s best to think about the above strategies and stick to at least one of them. In this case, pay attention to the passing events in the corresponding tab. But this is unlikely to bring the expected exhaust.Hundreds of diamonds will definitely not be earned on this.


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