Fallen of the Round – a roguelike with an interesting visual design available for pre-order

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Studio HIDEKI HANIDA has launched a re-registration of its game Fallen of the Round on iOS. The game features realistic 3D graphics, where the units look like real miniatures, more like chess.

The combat in the game is pretty simple to understand. In battles, you place your pawns and aim them at the enemy to attack. Where you place them depends on the characteristics of each class and is critical to your victory.

Defeating enemies in each battle scenario also allows you to gain new pawns and upgrade them so that they become much stronger for the more difficult parts of the game. Collecting three identical pawns increases their rank and allows you to equip them with new skills that can be activated in specific parts during a match.

Ultimately, the right mix of skills and classes will greatly affect the strength of your group.

Fallen of the Round will be released on App Store April 6. But now you can make a pre-order. This is a premium project with a price tag of 279 rubles.

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