Everything Diablo Immortal Leaked Since BlizzConline 2021

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Announced back in 2018 Diablo Immortal continues on its way to a global exit. And it seems that there is not much time left before the release.

On BlizzConline 2021 we were presented with a half-hour video with details of the development of Diablo Immortal. Here we have collected the most basic moments from the video, of which there are not so many. If you wish, you can view the story from the development team yourself.

Here’s the fun part about Diablo Immortal на BlizzCon 2021.

When will Diablo Immortal come out?

The main question of fans of the series and not only continues to be Diablo Immortal release date… It is still not known when it will be released on the App Store and Google Play. But until then, players will still have a chance to try download Diablo Immortal at the next stages of testing. It is reported that the next test will be available to a wider audience. Regarding the first alpha test, there will be new content in the game intended for the final version.

Recall that the first testing took place only on the Android platform and was geographically limited to Australia. At this stage, the developers not only collected feedback from players, but also monitored the stability of the servers.

It is unclear how many more testing phases are planned. Typically, alpha is followed by beta testing, followed by a release date. But each of these stages can include several rounds. And the company Blizzard may well afford to wait and try to bring everything to, if not ideal, then close to it, in order to seize the mobile device market seriously and for a long time.

So it’s too early to do Diablo Immortal release date speculation… But for now, its launch is planned for 2021. In any case, we will monitor the stages of testing and report on their beginning. Therefore, there is an opportunity to play mobile Diablo even before the release.

Game modes in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal will be filled with different game modes so that players can find the one that suits them best. In the Dungeon, you can go through the main story story. The rifts will allow you to collect more items. By the way, they will be in 2 versions: simpler and more difficult. In a more complex one, respectively, higher-quality items will be hidden.

Besides Diablo Immortal will also feature a variety of PvP events… Each of the three zones will receive its own separate event. For example, once every 3 hours, players can go into battle for a chest, the contents of which will go to the winner.

How Diablo Immortal is mobile friendly

Speakers said that it is not easy to recreate a dynamic game on mobile. To control a character in Diablo Immortal, a large number of buttons are required, which means that the player will use his fingers to cover most of the screen. This can cause some problems with the visual perception of what is happening. This is most likely impossible to do without, but the developers will work on such problems as feedback is received. But at this stage, it was decided to make the game brighter so that all the elements are much easier to see.

It is also known about multiple requests to add support for controllers. The developers promise to consider this option and add it in future updates.

Diablo Immortal RPG or MMO

There was also a bit of clarification regarding the Diablo Immortal genre. The game will be RPG with MMO elements… Players will have a central location called Westmarch. In it, you will be able to access your resources, trade, view products, change the difficulty, accept challenges and do much more.

Immortal will allow you to go on a solo adventure, or unite with other players in groups of up to 4 people. It will be possible to create guilds, which, as usual, will expand social activity, as well as compete for ratings among themselves.

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If you’re waiting for Mobile Diablo but haven’t pre-registered with Google Playthen be sure to do it. This way you will be among the first to know when it will be available for download.

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