DREAM TEAM event kicks off on PUBG Mobile

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Final event kicks off in PUBG Mobile DREAM TEAM… In it, you can team up with friends and get various items, including the permanent Zebra costume.

The Dream Team event will run from February 13 to March 7. During this time, the players united in teams will be able to earn points and receive daily rewards.


Details of the DREAM TEAM event in PUBG Mobile

  • When you invite a friend to a team, and he is in an incomplete team and accepts your invitation, then his team members will join your team with him.
  • Once players have a squad or duo, they will be able to receive event rewards for co-opting matches and completing missions.
  • Teams will be disbanded on Monday at 3 a.m. Moscow time and players will be able to unite into new teams.
  • Mission rewards are reset daily, so be sure to collect them.
  • To prevent a violation of the rules, the progress of those who have lived less than 5 minutes in the game will not be counted.

DREAM TEAM event rewards

As with participating in any other event, DREAM TEAM will give players some nice gifts. Among them will be the “Zebra” suit, which will remain with you forever.

To get it, you need to play 120 matches with the event.

You can also pick up 2 temporary costumes:

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