Draining All Royale Pass Season 18 Rewards into PUBG Mobile

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There is still a little time left before the start of the 18th season of PUBG Mobile. Let me remind you that it will start on March 17. But already known All PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 18 Rewards… Here I will show you only the most interesting skins and items and I will skip every little thing selling BP, silver and other useless things from the 18 Royal Pass.

As usual, for a full RP boost, we can pick up 600 UC or 8000 AG.

I probably will not paint what subject and at what level will be available. But if this is important to you, let me know in the comments or just put your thumbs up at the end of this post.

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Season 18 Royale Pass

At the very beginning, we will get this women’s suit and skin on AUG.

18 royale pass 1 lvl

You can take a closer look at the skin for auga. Looks pretty good to my taste. You can play with him for at least season 18.

18 royale pass 1 lvl

This colored backpack can be obtained from 18 RP.

Further, not the most interesting – the frame and avatar of the 18th season. Many do not pay attention to them, but this time the avatar is quite usable.

Fans of sniper rifles should, of course, pay attention to the skin for the karyak. It is made in bright colors, which is not to the liking of many, but at the same time it has pretty good detail.

18 royale pass 80 lvl

Another set is a suit and a hat. It will be available at level 50 in 2 variations for players to choose from. In the second case, instead of pink flowers will be green. This is where their differences end. But I have already decided that I will take this one.

18 royale pass

In the 18 Royale Pass, you can pick up a brand new Smoke Grenade skin. Looks pretty straightforward. Now, if this skin were animated … it would be a completely different matter.

18 royale pass smoke grenade

Like the smoke grenade, the parachute looks pretty boring. It seems to me that in the birthday season it was possible to draw a more interesting pattern.

18 royale pass parachute

Two types of items will receive one design style: Buggy and Airplane. There is nothing special about them. A simple gradient from pink to blue with a heart rate chart in the center. I’ll see how it looks in the game and maybe use the Buggy version.

BCC decorated in the style of the 18th season can also be collected from the Royale Pass /

And the final costume for level 100 RP of season 18.

18 royale pass 100 lvl

To be honest, these same type of costumes are already beginning to get boring for the maximum level of RP pumping. They all look kind of clumsy and I feel like a kind of freak from the Russian stage in them.

The glasses and hairstyle will be available separately from the costume itself.

18 royale pass hairstyle and glasses

And for those who like to have fun, instead of serious survival in the 18th season of PR, there will be 3 emotions. You can see them in a short video:

Season 18 top up rewards

And in addition to the Season 18 Royale Pass rewards, there are also bonus items that can be earned when you fund your UC account.

18 royale pass top-up bonus

With 60 UC top-up, you can get 1 premium case coupon for free.
And for replenishment of 120 UC, it will already be possible to pick up a suit with black pants and a purple jacket.

Also, for replenishing your account, you will receive a discount on the purchase of a BCC skin. Whether it’s worth it or not, it’s up to you, but it’s definitely more interesting than what’s offered in the Royale Pass.

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