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Woven Is a relaxing puzzle adventure game with easy gameplay.

You play as Staffy, a well-meaning but rather awkward scarecrow who roams the world alone. You quickly discover Glitch, a metal firefly who has lost his memory and identity. Find lost memories and discover secret caves to unravel the mystery of their history. To do this, Staffy will need to change the shape. By solving rhythm puzzles, you open up new shapes for Staffy, and changing shape gives him new abilities. An elephant’s legs can be strong, but a rabbit’s legs can jump.

Stuffy can also change color, solve riddles, or hide from danger. You set off to explore a world made of fabric, where soft toys once lived peacefully. At first glance, it seems that everything is fine, but this impression is deceiving. Metal machines seem to have invaded the world. Are they here to destroy the woolen world? There are questions to be answered; why is Staffy all alone? Why is Glitch here?

Features of Woven Pocket Edition

  • Your character is your style. Customize your character’s appearance.
  • Fully voiced story.
  • Discover over a hundred different hidden fabrics.
  • Combine and match different animal blueprints, each with their own skill set.
  • Explore a completely handcrafted world.
  • Many worlds, each with its own unique atmosphere, soundtrack and story.
  • And much more.

Download Woven Pocket Edition

‎Woven Pocket Edition
‎Woven Pocket Edition

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