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Albion Online offers players a huge world in a fantasy setting filled with many dangers and giving a huge number of opportunities. It is an MMORPG with constant PvP battles, an economy controlled by the players and a combat system that is not tied to character classes.

If we dwell in more detail on the combat system, then it is in Albion Online depends on your equipment. What things do you equip your character with, you will get this type of battle. At the same time, you can change it to a new one at any time and change the style of fighting.

Peace Albion Onlinecan be said to be built by the players themselves. You have to extract resources, build buildings from them, create equipment in them and then sell it to other players and thus create a unique economy. But you can also take the “dark side” and engage in robbery of caravans of merchants. In any case, it is better to be a member of the guild in order to try to take someone else’s or protect yours together.

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Albion Online
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