Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Aspects and Fragments Guide

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Beyond Light introduces a new Destiny 2 subclass like no other. Rather than selecting assemblies from the top, middle, or bottom tree like a traditional subclass, Stasis lets you customize your subclass using a new system called Aspects and Fragments. Aspects are powerful new abilities that each subclass can use, and Fragments are passive bonuses that are used to enhance your abilities and improve synergies.

Aspects are fragments that can be obtained by completing a series of post-game missions provided by the Stranger in Europe, but keep in mind that these missions require a significant amount of time and effort. Moreover, you will not be able to earn your first Aspect until you complete the exotic quest “Grasp of Salvation” from the Drifter. If you need help getting the grip of salvation, you can follow our guide.

How to unlock aspects

After you receive the Salvation’s Grip, the next step is to complete the Aspect of Control quest from the Stranger. In this quest, you will need to travel across Europe, find five different entropic shards and destroy them using Salvation’s Grip. If you need help finding these shards, we have a guide for that too.

Once you complete the Aspect of Control, you will be rewarded with your first Fragment. Open the Stasis subclass menu and place your snippet in one of the two slots on the right. The first aspect for each class:

Hunter: Destructive Dive – Activate in the air to quickly descend and smash nearby tags on impact;

Warlock: Bolts of Icy Blast – Destroying a frozen target spawns seekers that track and freeze other nearby targets;

Titanium: Cryoclasm – allows longer and more powerful glide. Gliding into stasis crystals or frozen targets destroys them and all nearby frozen targets.

How to unblock fragments

Once your first Aspect is unlocked, the Stranger will offer quests to earn Fragments. Fragments are divided into Aspects at the bottom of the Stasis subclass menu, and each Aspect has a specific number of Fragments that can be equipped. Destructive Dive has two, Iceflare Bolt has three, and Cryoclasm has only one. It is expected that as more Aspects become available, more fragment slots will become available.

You can only receive and complete two Fragment quests per week. Stranger will let you choose between Vanguard, Gambit or Crucible actions. You can choose two identical or two different quests. The requirements will be random, but individual for each type of activity.

I recommend that you choose Gambit as the completion requirements seem to be the most reasonable of the three.Vanguard’s quests resulted in some players hitting multiple obstacles. In particular, getting 90 super kills and ten champion kills can be a real challenge.

For super kills, it is best to hit with a group of three and tell your teammates when you are about to super kill so they don’t kill any add. The Super Hunter is probably the hardest to kill because it doesn’t do much damage. Alternatively, you can take part in the Dreaming City strike and just walk up to the Blind Well to farm kills instead. Increasing the intelligence of your gear will also help you gain super speed. If you manage to complete one Fragment quest, the Whisper of Bond Fragment will charge your superhero for every frozen kill, helping you generate super faster to complete the quest.

If you’re struggling with ten champion kills, you need to run Twilight: Strike Trial at at least Hero Level (1220). The trick for killing a champion easily is to equip without an elemental finisher and perform a final move on weakened champions when equipped in the Stasis subclass. For some reason, they will count as Stasis kills unless you use a finisher with a specific element. Just in case, add only the default class finisher that does not have an element type to your favorites.

After you complete these quests, you can buy two fragments from the Stranger. The following snippets are currently available:

Whisper of Edrons  – Receive additional weapon damage after freezing a target with stasis. -10 strength;

Whisper of Cracks  – Increases damage and stasis explosion radius when you destroy a stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target;

Whisper of Refraction  – Defeating a slowed or frozen enemy grants energy to class abilities;

Whisper of Fortitude  – increases the duration of slow effects, and effects with long-term effects also last longer. +10 strength;

Whisper of bonds  – hitting frozen targets with a weapon gives super energy; -10 Intelligence. -10 Discipline;

Whisper of Shards  – The destruction of the stasis crystal increases the reload speed of the grenade; break additional crystals to increase the duration of the effect. +10 stamina

By completing two missions each week, you will be able to unlock six of these fragments. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which are the best yet, mods obtained during the hunting season are likely to have a huge impact on our builds.
I first bought Whisper of Bond from my Hunter because it helped me create the super build that I needed at the time. For my second snippet, I chose Whisper of Shards because it pairs well with one of my favorite Charged with Light mods, Firepower. Feel free to experiment with snippets for now as the meta takes shape. Later this season, we’ll have a better idea of the best snippets for each specific build style.

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