Crime War will relaunch on Android and iOS in 2021

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Starbreeze announced a partnership with PopReach Corporationto restart her mobile shooter PAYDAY: Crime War на iOS и Android.

Based on the popular PAYDAY video game series for PC and consoles, PAYDAY: Crime War was an online 4v4 shooter for mobile devices. In the game, you played as a team of robbers, or as police officers, trying to steal or keep money in the safe.

The mobile version of PAYDAY has been in and out of open beta for a long time, but Starbreeze closed the game back in 2019when the company faced a financial crisis. Now they have managed to cope with the difficulties and the Swedish developer wants to try his luck on mobile platforms again.

Many of the maps, weapons and characters in PAYDAY: Crime War were based on PAYDAY 2, the last game in the series released back in 2013. The sequel to PAYDAY 3 is slated for release in 2023.

More details on the PAYDAY: Crime War relaunch are due later this year. It will be released on both the App Store and Google Play.

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