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Creative Destruction Advance v2.0.5771 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)

Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game that features the utmost fun of building and firing

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4.2 ( 152 ratings )
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Name Creative Destruction
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre Action
Size 2.5GB
Version 2.0.5771
Update Aug 4, 2022
MOD Speed ,Wall
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Creative Destruction is the most famous version in the Creative Destruction series of publisher NetEase Games
Mod Version 2.0.5771
Total installs 10,000,000+
Content Rating Teen

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Creative Destruction is an open world battle royale game for Android that was recently released by successful publisher NetEase Games. At first look, the game appears to have the same gameplay and features as Fortnite, but after playing for a while, you will notice certain crucial elements of the project, which we will discuss below. The game soon drew a significant number of players and garnered favourable feedback (over 900,000). If you don’t enjoy Fortnite for whatever reason, we recommend you try Creative Destruction.


The gameplay of Creative Destruction is similar to those of other games in the genre. The round will begin with players parachuting from an aeroplane (in this case, a spaceship) to any spot on a deserted island in the middle of the sea. The game map is quite large, covering an area roughly equal to 4 * 4 kilometres and divided into 13 distinct sections. In addition to you, there will be 99 other players at the venue. They, too, have a single goal: to eliminate all of the participants and win. You must fight alone in order to live, destroying everyone in your path.

This is not your typical island. After a period, blizzards will emerge, narrowing the island and forcing players to relocate closer to the centre. You must be in the safe zone if you wish to survive. Using a car to get about is a smart idea, but it can also play tricks on you because the enemy may know where you are. Collect as much equipment as you can to prepare for the battle with the opponents. If you kill them, you will be able to grab the equipment and goods they have.

You can create bases to defend yourself, similar to Fortnite, or ascend to the highest points on the world where other players cannot reach. Buildings in Creative Destruction aren’t as varied or plentiful as those in Fortnite. You may build strong, invincible defensive buildings by collecting wood, stone, and other materials. However, this is simply a short-term remedy. There are no safe places on this island; the only things that will keep you alive are your survival instinct, intelligent actions, and excellent weapon use. You will also require a little luck.


Players in this distinct survival game will compete against a variety of formidable foes while simultaneously attempting to establish their reputation. Additionally, groups will expand, and you’ll need to abide by the guidelines laid forth by Creative Destruction. You begin at a fresh place and can select a destination using the available map. Once you’ve decided where you want to go, you can use skydiving to fly there.

It should be emphasised that in order to avoid being seen by others, you must move fast through each stage of the landing. The gunners will start shooting at you right away if you are discovered while parachuteing to a new location. In order to conduct this brutal war, you must be resolute and clear the area as quickly as you can. You have a lot of formidable opponents here, so eliminate as many as you can.

Creative Destruction Advance 3


There are various sorts of weaponry in the system, including assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and melee weapons. You can utilise well-known military weapons such as the M416, AK47, AWN, UMP9, or even a powerful shotgun such as the S1897. Don’t forget to collect pistol attachments to make it more powerful. The silencer will make your firearm more lethal and quiet. Armor, helmets, and first aid kits are especially crucial since they safeguard your life.

You can spend in-game money on clothing, hairstyles, and other accessories for your character. Even through the most difficult cut, your character should seem stylish. It must be acknowledged that this game’s weapon system is incredibly subpar when compared to other survival games.

Additionally included are short guns, gatling guns, rifles, and bigger weaponry like rocket launchers and cannons. Depending on your preference, you can become a sniper, a missile destroyer, or a shooter with a special handgun. Don’t let anyone live, so choose up the weapon you want and start fighting!

In 2018, Creative Destruction is the top survival game. The game is incredibly portable, fits a wide range of models, and has a capacity of roughly 2G. Join Creative Destruction to make a statement by wiping out all of your innocents! Install it to join the fight!

Creative Destruction Advance 4


This game offers animated graphics in a bright aesthetic, as opposed to PUBG Mobile’s realistic graphics that emphasise detail and use sombre hues to represent empty battlefields. Players with low-end phones can play this battle royale because the game plays more smoothly on different devices due to its simpler graphics.

Creative Destruction Advance 5


When there are 100 players, the game will begin. You will travel to a far-off island in the sea with 99 other players. You must first select a location where you will skydive to the ground and begin the game. Weapons and equipment are seen on the ground. To get ready to compete against other players, you must move swiftly and gather adequate resources. Kill every player you come across. This game has no rules; the one left playing wins. The survival rate will rise because players will be able to survive longer if they watch and know how to take advantage of the game. It is advisable to utilise everything in your environment,

Creative Destruction Advance 6


Fans of multiplayer shooters shouldn’t overlook Creative Destruction, a battle royale survival game. Despite the fact that the protagonist of our review frequently plagiarises Fortnite’s concepts, he has a devoted following and is constantly online. Download the most recent version of the game from the link below our review if you wish to participate in the entertaining shootouts on the vast island with 99 other players. Lucky you!


  • To begin skydiving and achieve the game’s major objectives, select a starting location on the map.
  • Use the offered weaponry and an agile appearance to make the ideal arrangements.
  • Display your full potential and you’ll be able to hold your ground until the very end owing to these shooting talents.
  • A party will be needed to complete tasks in the game, so you’ll need to select the most effective characters to combine.
  • In this outstanding survival game, fight to the very end to win exclusive privileges and crown yourself the winner.

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