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Over the past few days I’ve been telling you about a simple 5-step system my friends Steve and Aidan have been using to make thousands of dollars each day online.
However, today I’ve got 2 MORE more exciting things lined up for you in a special report that they’ve put together for you.

The “inside line” on a series of profitable products, literally anyone can sell, which have the potential to do huge numbers of sales. You’ll see what the products are, their “stats”… and the potential amount of profit you could make from them on a monthly basis… (and more).

(And this is the BIG ONE)… You’re also going to get access to a series of case-studies that detail some of the incredible successes some of their students have had following this model.

To give you a taster, some of their most successful students, after taking action and applying the system, have been able to achieve results like…

💰$455K in 4 months…

💰$7291 in 24 hours…

💰$37,200 in 2 weeks…

💰$24,742 in 16 days…

Obviously these are some of the best results and not everyone single student was able hit numbers quite like this. However, as I’m sure you’ll agree, the results from this group are absolutely amazing.

All you need to do now is take the first step and access this material which will give you the “inside line” on how all this works.

But a word of warning…

These case-studies, the product examples, along with the core system manual and “Profit Map” (which you’ll also get) will be taken offline permanently on Tuesday this week.

There are tons of “tactics” on the Internet on how to make money with ClickBank . Some of them work and some obviously don’t work.

The problem with most of these tactics is that they have very limited pre-sales.

People end up on offer pages without knowing exactly why they are there. Or who is this guy trying to sell them an information product.

In my experience, presale has tremendous power. You need to provide people with compelling reasons why they should buy the product.

And if you can become that third party that makes recommendations. Then your conversion rates will increase 5-10 times.

Before I show you my secret sauce.Let’s take a quick look at the most “common” ways people make money with ClickBank 2019.

Direct Link / Banners

This is the most common and very often the least profitable method.The tactics are simple. Find multiple related articles on your site and place a banner in the sidebar or in the middle of the article, without any prior product review.

Affiliate banner

Since traffic is somewhat supply-related, some people will convert.However, your EPC (income per click) will be very low because the product is not recommended by the author.

In Content Links

In content, links are usually inline recommendations that are embedded directly into the text.Often recommendations come from the opinion of the author. And if the recommendations are well developed, they inspire confidence throughout the article / publication.Then the conversion rates will be decent.

In a meaningful affiliate link

This type of promotion is not very noticeable, and usually attracts the attention of only the most attentive readers. Apart from trusting the author, there is little incentive to follow the link.

Reviews / Blog Reviews

This is one of the tactics that I still use today. And for good reason: it works great! A review always leads a targeted audience and people who land on your blog page have a very high chance of buying.

Unless your review looks biased.That is, there is a high probability that the reader will trust you and follow your affiliate link to buy a product.

The problem with reviews is. In order to actually get a decent amount of traffic, which is necessary for a lot of conversions. You need to promote this page and bring it to the TOP of search engines.

Generally, competition for review keywords is fierce and traffic is low.Moreover, every professional and his dog are trying to make money online through reviews.

And in the end, to get some traffic, you find yourself in the middle of an aggressive SEO festival with fierce competition.

Of course, this is not ideal and interferes with the rapid growth of conversion. Because there are not enough visitors for each product review.

But if you stake on long-term work.And there is no other way of scaling other than horizontal (do more views).

Then, to push all this up, you should start using paid promotion methods.Or the way that actually brings substantial free traffic to your review pages.

This is Pinterest marketing.

Today, Pinterest for Business is the best social site for selling and getting visitors.

300 million buyers buy everything there every day. Over 80% of Pinterest visitors buy something all day long.

How much sales can you get with this big traffic? Count yourself.

For every picture on Pinterest, you can attach a link to any site. With Pinterest, you can very quickly promote a completely new site to 2000+ new visitors.

One successful picture can get tens of thousands of clicks. A lot of marketers are switching to Pinterest because more and more people are starting to sell products:

  • Etsy;
  • Clickbank;
  • Aliexpress;
  • Amazon;
  • Warriorplus;
  • JVZoo.

In FB, VK and Odnoklassniki, there are people who have been looking for coaches and secrets for 10 years and do not earn anything online.

Others understand what needs to be sold. Moreover, sales do not require investment. I chose a product, threw a picture with my link converted to my domain, and that’s it.

1. Register a business account.

To truly see the results of your consolidation efforts. Sign up for a free Pinterest account, or convert your existing account to a business account.

When you sign up and verify your site on Pinterest, you will have access to analytics. In the analytics section, you will see a lot of useful information on subscribers, views, clicks, site visits, etc.

Article pins are useful for bloggers as you can advertise your latest blog post with your logo, big headline, and link to your site.

2. Focus on the description of each pin.

There is a description below each picture that tells the reader what the pin is about. As a rule, bloggers only need a title from a blog and a short description from your post.

But there is more to it than a simple description to really spin your pins.

According to Pinterest, your pin should be:

  • Helpful – Make it easier to find your pin with a precise description.According to Pinterest, useful pins get 30% more activity.
  • Detailed – in a sentence or two, explain what your pin is about.Give enough information to entice a person to go to your blog.
  • Interesting – Get the pinner’s attention with magnets words and positive phrases.
  • Action – Include a call to action in the description. Using phrases like “check out …” or “click to learn more” can increase engagement rates by 80%.
  • To make your Pin more meaningful, add text to the image.
  • Add relevant hashtags to pin description.

Finally, to really promote and advertise your content. Be sure to include SEO-optimized keywords in your description and be as short as possible.

Well, of course, to be successful on Pinterest, you need to be active and constantly fill the boards with new attractive Pins. To have keywords for searches on Pinterest and Google

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