Clan N is back on the App Store and Google Play

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Another release took place today Clan N… The previous attempt took place on January 21st. But then the developers published the wrong version of the game, soon after which it disappeared from the markets.

Clan N Is a fast-paced game that combines classic arcade gameplay with modern combat. You use a variety of attacks combined with dodging and blocking to blast your way through a huge number of enemies.

Clan N is set in an ancient Far Eastern world. Players will control a group of samurai who have vowed to defend the kingdom from those who seek to destroy it. The group consists of an armed ninja ninja Akira, Reina waving a staff, Daiki swinging two swords, and a sickle-cutting monk Taro.

Each character in the clan reveals their special magical abilities that help them fight the forces of evil. For example, Akira shoots out pulse lightning, while Reina is capable of causing earthquakes. Daiki raises destructive tornado waves, and Tarot can summon divine dragons.

In total, Clan N has seven different levels, divided into more than 50 sub-levels, which feature a wide variety of enemies accompanying dangerous bosses, and casual mini-games that form the basis of the gameplay.

Clan N also has a cooperative game. You can unite in a team of 4 people and take part in a network battle together.

You can download Clan N in App Store and Google Play now. This is a free game containing ads and in-game purchases.


TheCodingMonkeys announced that the second game in their MonkeyBox series will release for iOS on April 15th. She got the name Cards! and will be a sequel to Polarized, released last March. The MonkeyBox series of games are short and experimental projects.

Cards! Is a story-driven puzzle adventure that uses a deck of cards to describe the story. It promises to provide a simple and engaging experience with intuitive mobile controls that will consist of a series of swipes and touches. The gameplay can be seen in the video above.

The authors deliberately created a vague description. From it, it is known that the stories will take place in various places: the ocean, the cave and the deadly desert, and also mentions potential encounters with dangerous cats and flying in a hot air balloon.


This is definitely different from its predecessor, Polarized, in which you progressed through the plot, photographing various objects in real life. Cards!at least at first glance seems a little more standard, as we’ve seen several card storytelling games in recent years.

Cards! – MonkeyBox ‪2 now available for pre-order at App Store, and the full release will take place on April 15th. This is a paid game with a price tag of 179 rubles.

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