Blind Drive offers a blindfold ride on a busy highway

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Lo-Fi People released a new arcade racing game for Android and iOS – Blind Drive, in which you have to ride a car while blindfolded.

Blind Drive is a successful mix of comedy and thriller in which you have to dodge oncoming cars at insane speeds. You can only use your hearing, instincts and reflexes to try to stay unscathed.

Since you can’t really see anything, you will need to focus on sound as much as possible. It can be used to determine which side and how close to you another car. The game also features full voice acting and many hyper-realistic sounds for an immersive experience. The developers even claim that you can complete the game even if you blindfold. If you decide to try this and you succeed, be sure to let us know.

There are a total of 28 levels in the game, including battles with bosses, gangsters, dolphins and even your own angry grandmother.

Blind Drive can be downloaded at iOS and Android now. This is a premium project with a price of 379 and 349 rubles, respectively. There are no built-in payments.

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