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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG, has been an online gaming sensation for the past few months. However, the game is clouded by geo-restrictions and lags.

Since PUBG is resource-intensive, Bluehole, the game’s development team, has released a lite version of PUBG. This new application can be played on budget devices without any problem.

Why can’t I find PUBG lite in my region?

A beta test for PUBG Lite was released in January. However, it was only released in select areas. If you don’t see it in the store for your region, the game has geographic restrictions.

The only regions that currently have access to PUBG lite are Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Brazil, and Turkey.

If you are located outside these regions, your only chance to access PUBG Lite is through a VPN.

How to Play Mobile PUBG Lite from Anywhere in the World

Unfortunately, the PUBG Lite version is only available in a few countries.

Fortunately, there is a workaround to help you overcome these geographic limitations and end the lag.

If you want to play PUBG lite and are not in the region, you can do so with a VPN.

A VPN works by encrypting your traffic and then tunneling it securely to a server of your choice. Once connected, the server spoofs your real IP address to give you a new network ID.

For example, if you connected to a server in India, your traffic will now originate from India. This way, you will have PUBG unlocked regardless of your physical location.

How can a VPN help PUBG games?

Using a VPN for gaming is perhaps not the most popular use of the service, as VPNs tend to affect network speed, which is not ideal for gaming.

However, VPNs can offer many benefits, and if you choose yours carefully, you don’t have to worry about speed or lag.

Here are some reasons why you need to get a VPN for PUBG:

Access to PUBG Lite anywhere in the world

PUBG Lite is only available in select countries. To download and play the game, you need to connect to one of these countries. We will show you how to change the Google Play Store region and install the game.

Reduce lag

You may have noticed that when you started playing your game was smooth. After a while, he now has a lag. This could be because the connection between your ISP server and the PUBG server is congested, or your bandwidth is limited.

ISPs limit your connection when they notice that you are using a lot of bandwidth; especially if you are constantly streaming in HD, using torrents, or playing online games. To fix this problem, you need to connect to a VPN server near you.

Access to foreign servers

Having a VPN gives you online flexibility. When it comes to PUBG, you can test your skills against opponents from overseas. When connecting to a server in another region, the game will now connect to new opponents from there.

While connecting to a server over a longer distance can degrade your gaming experience, it shouldn’t be a big problem if you have a good connection and a fast VPN.

Stay protected

PUBG can become very competitive, which can lead to DDoS attacks. These are attacks initiated by adversaries and they work by overwhelming your connection with very small packets. This leads to the fact that your information cannot get to the server, and therefore, you leave the game.

As DDoS attacks have become fairly easy to launch, this can become a major problem. However, since the attacks are based on your IP address, a VPN will easily protect you from such attacks.

Best VPN for PUBG

Choosing a VPN for gaming can be tricky as you need to make sure it doesn’t slow down your connection speed. For this reason, there are some factors to consider before choosing one, including:

Fast speeds

Servers near you and in areas with PUBG Lite

Compatibility y – PUBG can be played on many devices.

After extensive testing and analysis, we have come to the following opinion as to the best VPN stream.

  1. 2. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Gaming

3000+ global servers

Unlimited bandwidth

30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN has been the leader in the VPN market for several years now, thanks to its powerful features and excellent speeds. VPN offers servers located in 160 locations in 94 countries.

ExpressVPN is registered with the BVI and has zero logs. Its security is excellent too, and you won’t have to worry about connecting.

One of the standout VPN features is split tunneling, which lets you choose the apps you want to exclude from VPN encryption.

ExpressVPN can be installed on any VPN-enabled device, and they have built-in VPN router software in case you want to connect to your console. You can sign up for ExpressVPN at the link below to get49% off.

Get ExpressVPN

3. SurfShark VPN – Best VPN For Only $ 1.99

800+ global servers

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited devices

If you are looking for a PUBG VPN that is also affordable, then this is the VPN for you.

SurfShark is a relatively new VPN, but it has already gained worldwide recognition for its stellar service and excellent speeds. VPN currently has a network of servers in over 50 countries.

SurfShark stands out due to the range of features a VPN provides while remaining affordable. With a VPN, you have options like split tunneling, CleanWeb (blocks ads, trackers, and malware), double encryption, kill switch, and IPv6 / DNS leak protection.

VPN is registered with the BVI and maintains zero logs. It also uses advanced security encryption and is therefore super secure. With it, you will be able to play PUBG without any complications.

You can get SurfShark for just $ 1.99 per month below, and you can use it on any number of devices. Your subscription will also be protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get SurfShark VPN

How to set up a VPN with PUBG

Visit the VPN website at the links above to get discounted VPN

Go to the VPN pricing page and select a plan. Please note that the longer the subscription, the greater the discount.

Enter your details to register an account

Download the VPN client and install it like any other app

Login and connect to the VPN server. If you want to access PUBG Lite, please connect to a server in Brazil, Turkey, or the SEA region. If your goal is to reduce latency, connect to the closest server

You can now enjoy the benefits of playing PUBG over a VPN

Please note that if you are using Android and want to download PUBG Lite, you will still not be able to see it in the Play Store. To download the game, you need to change the location of your Play Store.

Here’s how:

First of all, make sure your VPN is up and running. So if you haven’t, sign up, download, and install it. From there connect to the server in the allowed regions

Go to Settings > Apps and search for Google Play Store

Select the application and ” Clear data “, then ” Force Stop “

You can exit and restart the Google Play Store

You should now be able to install PUBG Lite regardless of your physical location.

Important: Many sites are offering PUBG Lite apk. However, third-party apps cannot be trusted as they may contain malware that can harm your device. Download only verified apps from the official store.

The last word

PUBG is one of the best Android games out there, but geo-restrictions and lags can be annoying.

By using the best VPN for PUBG, you can bypass these restrictions and access PUBG lite regardless of your region. The three best PUBG VPNs mentioned above will help you download PUBG Lite and even get lower PUBG ping.

If you’re having trouble choosing one of these, we recommend that you use ExpressVPN as it’s the best VPN for gaming.

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