A Musical Story rhythm game for iOS announced, bringing back memories

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Indie Games Publisher Digerati announced a new project A Musical Storydue out in summer 2021 for iOS. This is the debut game of a French game developer Glee-Cheese Studiowhich is also coming to Switch, PC and Xbox One.

A Musical StorySet in the 1970s, it is a mix of rhythm play and adventure. To highlight the music, there is no text or dialogue, and the whole story is told through an original soundtrack, influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Air and Pink Floyd.

The project started in 2017 when Glee-Cheese Studio experimented with design ideas for a video game, each exploring different story concepts, musical and visual styles before settling on a final vision A Musical Story… And it differs significantly from other games in this genre.

“Most music games have a visual timeline that tells you exactly when to press certain notes. Instead, the authors A Musical Story focused on creating an experience that depends on the skills of the listener, so players need to feel the music, understand it in order to evolve and tell the story.

The game was also selected to be shown as part of the London Games Festival, an online event starting March 19. A free PC demo will be available during this time, which you can find at Steam pages .

A Musical Story coming to iOS this summer. The game will be distributed according to the premium model without in-game payments.

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