7 Best Website Hosting For United Kingdom In 2022

by Skyapps, Tuesday, 5 July 2022 (3 months ago)

Best Website Hosting If you’re wondering which web hosting service is best for the UK, you’ve clicked on the right Post. With all this tosh about the whole Brexit and General Data Protection Rule fiasco (or GDPR), looking for a good web host for the UK has become needlessly complicated Pick one that doesn’t comply with GDPR and you’ll be slapped with one very ugly fine. Select one that’s compliant to the law but not to Core Web Vitals, and your website might end up on the wrong end of Google searches


Finding the perfect one is quite tricky and can be time waster of epic proportions. But we did all the research, so you can select the best one for you without wasting any of your precious time So let’s cut the doo doo and get to the reason why you’re watching this video in the first place.



SiteGround The stories are true and we can confirm it, SiteGround cements their spot as our no.1 with their high-speed services and solid set of features Their plans come equipped with plenty of speed-boosting benefits. SSD, Cloudflare CDN, PHP7 support, Supercacher, the works It’s made even better with their move to the Google Cloud Platform. So we can all reap the benefits of their cutting edge tech But talk is cheap and we know it, so let’s look at the data derived from our server speed tests result.

Our test site hosted on their Europe data center performed incredibly fast, only 148.7 ms Pings from our London node came back insanely faster only 4ms, proving that SiteGround is indeed an A+ ranked host With an uptime guarantee, free SSL, AI solutions to fend off those nasty bots, AND being fully GDPR compliant since 2018.

SiteGround is perfect for all sorts of audiences in the UK and also around the world Their Growbig plan starts at only 7.99 pounds a month It is not the cheapest, but we feel it’s well worth the price There are the best premium, all-purpose host around!

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Hostinger The one thing that makes Hostinger stand out from the rest of the competition is their price They’re just so dang cheap! They’ve got 2 data centers in Europe. One in UK and one in Netherlands Our test site so happened to be the one in Netherlands but the speeds still managed to blow us away! They scored a global average of 165 ms, and just 54 ms in London.That’s just 50 ms slower than SiteGround, and it’ll probably be a lot much closer if you picked the data center in the UK Users get to enjoy a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a Bitninja security suite, and the pleasure of using their hpanel dashboard .

You’ll also receive free SSL with their business hosting plan Sure, they might be missing certain features, like CDN and daily backups.But at less than a pound a month for their single shared hosting plan, one can’t really complain If you’re really feeling fancy, you can go for their premium plan, which cost you whopping 2 pounds and 15 pence a month Note these prices are only available with a 48-month contract Some may not like being tied down for so long, but to me, it’s a give and take situation In this case, they’re giving me low prices, and i’m taking it Hostinger gives you great value for what you pay, and is a great option for anyone on a budget.



Kinsta If there was a phrase we could use to describe Kinsta, it would be: The Bees Knees They’re quite similar to our favourite provider, SiteGround They’re both Managed WordPress hosts, both are built on the Google Cloud architecture, and both have ridiculously fast speed Our Kinsta test site is hosted on their UK server on their Starter shared hosting plan, and we were pleased with the results 179.5ms global average and only 10 ms in London. You won’t have to worry about speed if targeting crowd in the UK.

But you’re pandering to crowds in other locations, you can just pick from any of Kinsta’s 20 data centers located all around the world! As for being GDPR compliant, Kinsta goes above and beyond what’s needed, even building their own WordPress cookie consent plugin which helps websites guarantee legal compliance .The only reason why they’re not further up this list is because of their price with premium services, come premium price tags Kinsta’s services start from a hefty 20 quid a month, which can be quite damaging to the wallet Having said that, if you’re looking for premium service and expert WordPress support, then Kinsta would be a great fit!



No. 4 – A2 Hosting A2 Hosting has always been known for their unlimited features and speedy Turbo servers. They don’t have a data center in the UK, so we set up a test site hosted on their closest one, all the way in Amsterdam It’s clear that A2 is another A+ ranked host, with a global average of 169.5ms! Results from London came back at a very speedy 19 ms which is mighty impressive, considering the distance!

At only 8.52 a month for their Turbo plan, you’ll get to enjoy a whole host of unlimited features, like websites, emails, data transfers, and more! Heck, you won’t even need to pay extra for SSL! They even have an easy option to request a Data Protection Agreement, which is great for GDPR compliance If you’re looking to host multiple sites, you’ll enjoy the benefits offered by A2 Hosting They’re a fast, feature-rich web hosting solution.

Scalahosting Review


Scalahosting At number 5 is Scalahosting, with their superior performance and feature-packed offerings! They only have 2 data centers, one in Dallas USA, the other one in Bulgaria Europe.They don’t have any data centers in the UK, but they’re still plenty fast as proven by the speed test result At 158.7ms global average, Scala is a A+ ranked host Pinged from London came back pretty damn fast too despite the distance at only 43 ms, which is more than enough to satisfy all core web vital requirements.

Starting from only 6.40 a month, you’ll get a free migration, free domains, SSL, CDN, and 7-day automatic backup, and a whole lot more It’s a shame that Scala’s shared hosting plans doesn’t come with SSD storage If they did, we’d probably rank them higher on this list.



GreenGeeks Greengeeks is possibly the only web hosting provider out there which is a 300% green host By hosting with them.You’ll be indirectly making the world a greener place We already have a test site hosted on their Canadian data center, and the results from it are…not the fastest, but still fast enough Their global average is 178.6ms, making them A+ ranked host, but speed from London came back at 191 ms.

However, keep in mind that our test site is located all the way in Canada If you picked their UK data center, you’ll probably see much better results At a mere 3.69 pounds a month, for their entry-level shared hosting plan gets you get unlimited SSD, web space & data transfer Top that off with a strong security suite, php7 and http3 support, GreenGeeks is an excellent choice, especially if you’re environmentally conscious

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No7. Bluehost Last but not least, Bluehost makes it on the list with their feature packed shared hosting plans Out of all the providers featured here, bluehost is probably the slowest but still consider pretty fast. They’rean A+ ranked host with a global average of 153ms, but pings from london only yielded 183ms However, they ARE a WordPress recommended host, which means that they’ve got full-time WordPress CORE development engineers in their support team, all ready to assist you. They’ll also be able to help you in fulfilling any GDPR related requirements. Their Basic shared hosting plans include 50 GB SSD Storage, unmetered bandwidth and free SSL at only 4.08 pounds a month Not bad at all, except for the fact that they’ve only got 1 data center, and zero uptime Guarantee Final Thoughts .

SiteGround is obviously our choice as the best web hosting company to target UK audiences with WordPress recommended, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Superb speeds, excellent support and fully GDPR compliant, we’re pretty damn sure that the product sells itself However, whether or not it’s the best for your business, depends entirely on your needs and preferences. If you’re gonna do your own research for the best web hosting companies in the UK, make sure to keep an eye out for these things: Make sure they’re GDPR compliant Make sure their servers satisfy Core Web Vital and make sure they’re fast where your audience is That’s it for now folks, If

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